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Things That Are Happening

• If you’re a reader who’s been affected by the shutdown of All Romance Books, read this post – here

• I’m going to be attending the Shimmer MM Author Signing Event which will be in Birmingham on 1st July 2017.

Works In Progress

Longing for Shelter – The first draft of Book Three of The Alphas’ Homestead series should be finished by the end of March so it should be out in May.

Black Bird – On hold for now, so I can concentrate on The Alphas’ Homestead Series.

Sunday, Maybe Monday – Waiting in the wings until The Alphas’ Homestead series is finished.


In an attempt to be organised, I’m going to start doing a (bi)monthly newsletter, which will be a round up of blog posts, plus exciting news when it happens, and stuff to giveaway when I finally have stuff to give. I promise not to bombard you, but there’s a nifty unsubscribe button should you feel violated in any way. There’s a sign-up box at the bottom of the page.