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Things That Are Happening

• GDPR compliance and privacy policy have now been dealt with and hopefully we’ll never have to talk about it again.

Home in your Heart – Book Four of The Alphas’ Homestead series – is now available.

Gazes Into You won Runner-Up in the Rainbow Awards 2017 for Gay Mystery/Thriller.

• I have a new readers group on Facebook where you can come say hello and get exclusive news on all things writing related.

• I’m signed up to attend UK Meet in September 2018

Works In Progress

• Due to having a couple of months of being slightly incapacitated, all my release days are having to be pushed back a bit. Thank you for your patience .

• The first draft of Be My Sanctuary – Book Five of The Alphas’ Homestead series is done. Editing is underway.

Mr & Mr Detective story #2 – Waiting in the wings until The Alphas’ Homestead series is finished. Expected Winter 2018.

• I posting my wip 72 seasons as it happens for readers group members and newsletter subscribers.


This year I’d like to give newsletter subscribers better content and so am running a survey about how often you would like the newsletter to appear in your inbox and which content you’d prefer. You can find the survey here. And you can sign up to it in the box below.