Rainbow Snippet – 23.01.16


This week’s six sentence snippet is from the new WIP with the horrible working title of Little Werewolf House. Don’t forget to check out the other snippets on the Facebook page and you can read a little more about Caleb and Jacob here


Jacob didn’t speak until Caleb was laying the clothes out on the bed. “Is it just you here alone, Alpha?”

Caleb started at the form of address, shocked at the heat that flared in his belly, more than the way his wolf ached to hear it.

He coughed, and stuttered out, “I…yes. Yes, it’s just me.” He felt a pang of sadness at having to admit the words aloud, but added, with a undertone of warning in his voice, “And don’t call me that. Caleb is fine”

9 Responses to Rainbow Snippet – 23.01.16
  1. Louise Lyons Reply

    Unlike how his wolf responds to being addressed as Alpha, even as he denies it.

  2. Cheryl Reply

    There’s something strangely sad about that snippet. (Wow, unintentional alliteration) Seems that Caleb is fighting his nature. I sense an interesting story coming up. Nice snippet

  3. R. Phoenix Reply

    I absolutely love the discrepancy between how his wolf responds and the way Caleb makes himself respond. The duality here is fantastic.

  4. Kayla Jameth Reply

    Conflicted or enlightened?

  5. P.T. Wyant Reply

    So many questions. Why is he there alone and why the sadness and why the duality in his reaction and…?”

  6. Jana Denardo Reply

    So much emotion packed into those few sentences.

  7. Rian Reply

    Oh, the struggle… I wonder whether the mind or the instinct will get the upper hand.

  8. Amy Rae Durreson Reply

    I like how conflicted he is, and how uncomfortable he is with his own status.

  9. Dianne Hartsock Reply

    I sense his sadness and loneliness. I want to know more about him.

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