ARC Readers

What is an ARC Reader?

ARC stands for Advance Reader Copy or Advanced Review Copy. These are ready-to-print or galley copies of books sent out ahead of publication to review blogs and readers who like to leave reviews online.

When it comes to my expectations regarding ARC readers…
Leaving a review is optional. Leaving an honest review is a must. Being kind is appreciated.

I feel very strongly about spoilers in reviews (this is my personal opinion as someone whose books are basically one twist after another) so any synopsis of the plot of the book beyond (or too far beyond) what has been revealed in the blurb is very much discouraged. Mostly as it breaks my heart and I do cry real human tears over it so…I’d rather have a bad review than one that spoils the plot. Although that’s not an invitation! Crikey. No challenges accepted, just so you know. Oh gawd, please be nice! : )

On the other hand…you can write what you want. I’ve have great reviews that were pages long and read better than my books, and some of a few words of “I can’t even. It was—yeah,” and both are equally wonderful in my eyes. I’ve even had reviews from people who didn’t like the book, which I have shared with readers as I thought they were fair and eloquent, so I don’t think that there is only one way to write a good review.

I’ll stipulate too that I generally only read the ARC reviews of my books and as such, I will in all likelihood quote a little bit in publicity if you have a glowing soundbite that makes me sound like I know what I’m doing. I always credit but I’ll just put that out there.

If you would like to have the option to get books 2-4 weeks before they’re released, to write a short review and share it on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, Facebook, or wherever, email me with a link to a review you’ve left and I’ll let you know if I have space on the list.
You don’t have to take every book I put out, but if I send more than two that you read and don’t review then it just makes good business sense to give someone else your spot. I hope that’s fair.


    1. I have you on the list…? Sent an email out last on the 23rd. Did you change your email? x

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