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Rainbow Snippets – 24.02.18

If you’re new to Rainbow Snippets, it’s a Facebook group where authors of LGBTQ fiction post a six-sentence snippet of a WIP, a published story, or a recommendation, every weekend. You can see all the snippets here.

Today’s snippet…something from my free Valentine story, Perfect. Dale and Patrick are two side characters in the Alphas’ Homestead series. Click here to read (NC-17).


He limped over, not bothering to use his cane for the short distance between the desk and the bed, and slowly lowered himself down to sit at Patrick’s side. Still not daring to look into Patrick’s eyes, Dale took the chain from Patrick’s hand with two fingers, cradling it gently in his large hands. “You don’t have to. If you want time to think about it.”

“I don’t have to think about it.” When Dale didn’t move, Patrick pulled his legs from under the covers and climbed down from the bed to kneel on the cold floor at Dale’s feet. Running his hands up the side of his lover’s thighs, he asked softly, “Do you have to think about it?”

Dale looked down at him for a second then opened the chain out and lowered it over Patrick’s head. “I’ve thought of nothing else since the night you showed up in my bed.


72 seasons – ©Alex Jane 2018 – All Rights Reserved

Cal smiled at the text on his phone as he sprawled on the couch at Harry’s place. Not the apartment he used for work—which probably cost more to rent than Cal made in a year. No, the place where Harry slept and ate was much more discreet; a one bed with a small kitchenette in a less expensive part of town.

All Harry’s personal things were there; his trophies from high school that is mom brought over in an old cardboard box, the much-loved couch covered in afghans that his grandma had knitted him, old pictures frames hung haphazardly on the walls showing holidays with friends, and family, and Harry’s old dog. It was the only place where Harry ever wore sweatpants. It was cosy and Cal was pretty sure he was the only other person outside Harry’s family who was allowed inside.

They often hung out there, watching TV or eating together. It was a hell of a lot nicer than Cal’s current digs. Plus, it reminded them both of sharing a room at college, before life got complicated and their paths diverged. Some things hadn’t changed though. Tonight was their traditional post-Valentine commiseration evening, complete with Chinese food and some action movie trash. Harry, of course, wasn’t alone the night before but he was with a client that he didn’t particularly like, while Cal had fallen asleep on the couch about eight-thirty and woke up at midnight with sweet and sour on his shirt. They couldn’t decide who’d had the worse evening but were determined that pizza and Fireball could fix anything.

A dvd was paused on the flatscreen TV, as Harry paced around behind him, yammering on his cell. Cal had been staring at the distorted, frozen face on the screen for what seemed like forever while Harry dealt with whatever emergency it was this time. When Cal’s cell had beeped, it was a blessing. And the smile that came over him wasn’t so much at the content of the message but the formality of it. It just struck Cal as funny, given what he was arranging with the sender.

A couple of weeks ago he wouldn’t have felt so relaxed about getting a booty call from a complete stranger. Except, Ben wasn’t a stranger exactly. A guy generally became more of an acquaintance once you’d had your hand on his junk. Plus, the half-bottle of booze in his system was probably helping him to see the funny side too. Thank God, he didn’t have any classes until the following afternoon.

Cal had been a little surprised to get the email from Ben wanting a second session in the first place. He was less surprised when Ben had cancelled at the last minute on Tuesday but then when he wanted to reschedule, Cal was okay with it. There was something about Ben that gave Cal the impression he wasn’t the sort to play games and that he wasn’t going to waste Cal’s time on a whim. The last thing Cal needed was somebody messing with his head and chewing up his free days. But Ben didn’t seem the type.

Cal heard Harry signing off and he tipped his head back. “Everything okay?”

Harry sighed and walked over to the breakfast bar to refresh his drink. “Yeah, just one of the boys has a date at the apartment and the client turned up with a friend.”

“Shit. Do you need to go over there?”

Harry laughed and shook his head. “Nah, it’s Brian, the one with the big…” They both made the same obscene gesture. “He just wanted to make sure I knew the score, tell the guy not to do it again…and that I bill the guy for a double.”

Cal hmmed at looked back down at his phone when it beeped again.

“What are you smiling at?” Harry said as he set his drink on the coffee table.

“Nothin’.” Cal clicked the screen dark to keep Harry from peeking.

Harry scoffed, flopping down onto the couch next to him. “You know if you want more clients, I’ve got work coming out of my ass.”

Cal shook his head. “Ew. And no thanks. I appreciate you sending this guy my way but no more.”

Harry clapped his hands together and sat up. “I knew it! You sneaky bitch. I thought you said he cancelled on you?”

Cal sighed and hung his head. “He did…but I told him we could reschedule.”

Harry laughed. “I can’t believe it! You’ve got a regular! What happened to ‘Just this once, Harry’, huh?”

“I don’t know.” Cal scratched his chin. “He was sweet. And he paid me more than he should have. And I do kinda need the money.”

“I’m serious about the work, Cal.” Harry grabbed his phone and stated scrolling through his appointment book. “I got a bunch of guys off sick with the flu, and there’s a conference coming into town next week—”

“No! God, no,” Cal laughed. “I’m not doing it. Or them. I’ll take this closet case off your hands until he’s ready to get laid with the lights on, but no more. I’ve got enough on my plate right now.”

Harry’s attitude softened a little, as did his tone. “You’re not a social worker, Cal. This guy’s not a friend either. Don’t forget that.”

“I know, I know. You think I’d forget that?” Cal frowned at the way Harry’s eyebrows said yeah…you have before. “Whatever. I know you’re just thinking of me—”

“And the money.”

“Yes, let’s not forget the money.” Cal rolled his eyes. “But I’m okay. And I’ll be okay.”

Harry looked him hard in the face, scrutinizing him in the way he’d done when he’d tried to convince Cal he had psychic powers when they got high the first time. After a second or two, Harry relaxed back and put his cell back in his pocket. “Alright. But if you need anything you just have to ask me, okay?”

Cal smiled fondly. “Okay.”

Harry nodded and said, “Okay then,” as he reached for the remote.

“Harry?” Cal said softly as Bruce Willis came to life on the screen and the sound of gunfire filled the room.

Harry turned to Cal and gave him his $4000 a night smile. “Yes, honey?”

“Can I use the apartment on Monday? I have a date.”


72 seasons

This Work In Progress is unbeta’d and unedited. Feel free to leave corrections in the comments.
Please don’t share or link. This story is exclusively for Readers Group Members and Newsletter subscribers.
CC0 Image by Sora Sagano via Unsplash.
All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is strictly coincidental.
72 seasons – ©Alex Jane 2018 – All Rights Reserved

Perfect – Dale and Patrick

Dale and Patrick from The Alphas’ Homestead series – 2K words – A little NSFW

There was a cold space beside him. It wasn’t what he’d become accustomed to. Normally, he would wake to find a warm body next to him, breathing long and slow. Not that it had taken five years for him to be woken by Dale’s absence, it was only that Patrick experienced it so infrequently, it was a bit of a surprise that morning.

Running his hand over the sheet, Patrick hated the way he could feel a line where the warmth stopped and cold took over. It had him wondering how long Dale might have been up for it to have lost all the heat they had put into it the night before.

Usually Patrick was the first up: making breakfast on the small woodstove in the corner of the room after ensuring that the bar downstairs was cleaned and tidy and stocked. He didn’t bother the women that had rooms there. They ran their own affairs and he was glad to leave them to it. They had a habit of teasing him in a way that he’d never found funny. So he only had the boss to worry about. Not that Dale had ever once asked him to tend to him or feed him or even live with him. It had just sort of happened.

Patrick rolled over, groaning a little at the way his body ached. There had been a scuffle at the bar the night before and somehow Patrick had ended up being the one to break it up. Things used to be a lot easier when Malcolm, the deputy, lived in the saloon. It wasn’t as if he was living that far away now but it was far enough that Patrick had to deal with things himself on a more regular basis.

Not that anybody took him seriously. One word from the boss or Malcolm could stop any troublemaker dead in his tracks. But Patrick didn’t seem to be able to command the same respect. Maybe if he hadn’t have been so skinny, or maybe a little taller. Dale said it was because he smiled too much. To which Patrick had smiled and asked if he wanted him to stop. Dale had looked—well, the way Dale always looked; serious, sad, angry, not giving a shit about anyone but himself. Then he kissed Patrick hard, pushed him back on the bed and told him to open his legs. Which Patrick did, smiling all the while.

There was a timepiece in the corner, some old thing in a scratched oak case that ticked too loud. A light was always burning in the room—Dale couldn’t bear the dark—so it was just light enough to see even if the blood red walls and ebony furniture did make the room seem closed in. The clock seemed to say that Patrick hadn’t overslept but as he scrubbed at his eyes, hoping to clear the blur so he could see through the low light, Patrick realized that he could smell coffee brewing. He also noticed that Dale was sitting in his chair at the bureau.

Dale wasn’t beautiful, not really. Not like Seth or Jacob Carpenter. But he was as about as handsome as a man could be sitting wrapped in an old paisley eiderdown, his hair a shock of waves like he’d just woken up. He was watching Patrick intently, as he always did. When Patrick had first met Dale and Dale had looked at him that way, Patrick kept expecting him to ask a question. He looked poised, as if to speak or like he was waiting to grab Patrick at any moment to stop him from escaping. Poised and hungry.

“Wha’ time is it?” Patrick coughed and tried to clear his throat.


“Did I oversleep?”

There was no answer so Patrick figured that meant he hadn’t.

A lot of people thought Dale Foster to be a rude man, selfish and unfriendly. It might have been partly true—or even mostly true—but really no one understood him like Patrick. He was a man that didn’t care one way or another what people thought of him. He didn’t see the point in wasting words on things like small talk or the obvious. He didn’t see the point in wasting a lot of things. Patrick was hardly surprised. After all, he knew the reasons why.

Patrick had only spent a few weeks in Dale’s bed when, one night, Dale had gotten as drunk as Patrick had ever seen him before or since. He told Patrick things—things he had done and things that had been done to him during the war— that might have frightened any other person away. It was probably why he’d said them, hoping to scare Patrick and make him leave. Except Patrick didn’t run. He carried Dale to his bed as he wept, undressed him and lay next to him, holding him when Dale allowed it and waiting patiently when he didn’t, until the sun rose and he finally fell asleep. A man might change for the better after a brush with death, but the things that happen to make him afraid to keep living—those can bring out the worst. Or at the very least, never let him smile again.

It was cold in the room despite the fire that was lit. Patrick was naked when he sat up, the chill hitting his skin as the covers fell away. As he started to pull them back up to find some warmth, Dale spoke.


Patrick shivered a little, but did as he was told. If fact he went beyond, pushing the sheets away until they were halfway down his thighs. He didn’t much like his body, too pale and skinny, all sinew and no meat. There was a good thatch of dark hair at his groin that spread down over his thighs and up his belly a little but that was about it. But Dale seemed to like it and, well, he was the boss.

Dale’s expression didn’t change at all. Not even a glimmer. He just sat impassively as he had done before. If he liked the way that Patrick shivered or his nipples hardened, he didn’t show it. The only thing he did do was turn a small box in his hand, placing each side onto the desk before turning it again.

Patrick had learned to be patient early on. Better to wait and see when it came to his lover. It was something he was good at. Maybe it was why it worked so well between them. Even from that first night.

Patrick had nowhere to go. He’d been traveling to his cousin’s farm hoping they would take him in, having buried his parents a month before. Running out of food and money, he’d asked for a job at a small town saloon and the gruff man behind the bar had handed him a broom. He could have slept in the store room, or on the floor of the bar but something in the man’s eyes had made Patrick climb the stairs at the end of the night and get into the man’s bed. He had been nervous, not knowing what to expect but he waited patiently all the same. When Dale had found him there, he hadn’t wasted any words. He acted almost as if he hadn’t even noticed the naked boy in his bed. That was until he pulled Patrick’s quivering body under him. He didn’t waste words then either. And if Patrick had been shocked some of the things Dale had done to him, well then, he had come to like them.

“It’s cold. You should put something on.” Dale barely moved but somehow the small box landed on the sheet between Patrick’s legs.

Patrick picked it up and turned it over. “It’s not my birthday.” He lifted it to his ear and shook it. “What is it?”

Dale just huffed and looked away, out of the fogged up window as he curled his fingers against his lips.

Patrick frowned, he couldn’t help it. Something felt odd but he couldn’t put his finger on it. He slipped the brown paper wrapper from the package, and tugged the lid free. Under a layer of tissue paper on a bed of white cotton, lay a gold crucifix on a long gold chain.

Patrick’s mouth dropped open. “Holy shit. I mean—is this for me?”

“You don’t have to wear it if you don’t want it.”

Patrick could hardly believe it. It was one thing for Dale to tolerate him going to church on a Sunday but he never thought he’d see the day that he would do anything like this. “I love it. I mean I’ve never had one so—”

Patrick had the cross in his hand, admiring the shine on it. As it turned, he caught a glimpse of an inscription on the back. He had to hold it close to read it, the script was so tiny.


It took a moment for the verse to come to him, thinking back to when his father had read the scripture aloud every night after supper. But when it did come, Patrick had to catch his breath. He held out the necklace with one hand, his voice on the verge of cracking. “You should put this on me.”

Dale pushed himself slowly out of the chair with both hands, letting the quilt fall away, revealing his nakedness. And his wounds. The injuries inflicted on him as a soldier, even though they might only be scars now, never seemed to heal. Patrick winced, knowing that even on the warmest of days that Dale’s body was wracked in the mornings with as much pain as when they had first been inflicted. The burns and cuts, his twisted mangled leg, never let him forget what he’d endured. He limped over, not bothering to use his cane for the short distance between the desk and the bed, and slowly lowered himself down to sit at Patrick’s side. Still not daring to look into Patrick’s eyes, Dale took the chain from Patrick’s hand with two fingers, cradling it gently in his large hands. “You don’t have to. If you want time to think about it.”

“I don’t have to think about it.” When Dale didn’t move, Patrick pulled his legs from under the covers and climbed down from the bed to kneel on the cold floor at Dale’s feet. Running his hands up the side of his lover’s thighs, he asked softly, “Do you have to think about it?”

Dale looked down at him for a second then opened the chain out and lowered it over Patrick’s head. “I’ve thought of nothing else since the night you showed up in my bed.” He pressed the crucifix against Patrick’s skin, then leaned back to admire it.

Patrick smiled. He let Dale look for only a moment before showing his devotion the best way he knew how. Dale was only half hard, so Patrick took his time, licking and suckling, tasting himself from the night before on his lover. All the while, Dale sighed and stroked his cheek, saying, “My sweet innocent boy, so lovely, so perfect,” until his breathing became heavy. Then Patrick just had to relax and hold onto the sheets as Dale roughly took him by the hair and chin, forcing his come down Patrick’s throat as he fought to breathe and swallow at the same time.

A little while later, as Patrick slid his cock inside Dale, his lover’s face contorted in pain or pleasure—for the two of them, both or either would do—Dale took hold of the gold chain and used it to pull Patrick down into a kiss.

“I didn’t get you anything,” Patrick said, as he looked down, watching himself slowly withdraw and then just as slowly find home again.

Dale only hmmed and kissed him again. And for a moment, Patrick thought he saw Dale smile.


Song of Solomon 8:6

Place me like a seal over your heart,
like a seal on your arm;
for love is as strong as death,
its jealousy unyielding as the grave.
It burns like blazing fire,
like a mighty flame.

Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is strictly coincidental.
Perfect – ©Alex Jane 2018 – All Rights Reserved

Last year’s Valentine’s story … Be My Valentine – Caleb and Thaddeus … A family moment

Be My Valentine – Caleb and Thaddeus

A family moment from The Alphas’ Homestead series – 1.5K words

Caleb didn’t notice anything was amiss when he entered the cabin. He was too fixed on stripping off the heavy coat that had been keeping the icy wind from freezing his bones. The homey smell of venison stew and dumplings meant he couldn’t get the thing off quick enough as he growled under his breath about how he wished spring would hurry. They hadn’t had snow in a couple of weeks but the temperature was so low everything was frozen and covered in a layer of ice. Including himself.

When he was finally free of the coat and it was hung up to dry, only then did Caleb realize that things weren’t as normal as he’d first perceived. The children were all sat around the table as Jacob served each with a bowl of stew, but Ephraim had his fist pressed against his mouth, trying not to laugh, while Martha glared at him. Thaddeus was sat stock still, not his usual squirming self. Even Jacob smiled slyly at him as he walked past to fetch their dishes from the kitchen.

Caleb didn’t say anything. He narrowed his eyes at his mate but that just made Jacob smile even wider and shrug his shoulders. It was only when Caleb walked around to his chair at the far end of the table that he saw what all the fuss was about.

Lowering himself down to sit, the chair creaking under the sudden and considerable weight, he adjusted the cutlery laid out before him and tilted his head at the white envelope leaning up against his cup of water. “Well,” he said and cleared his throat, “what do we have here?”

The deadly silence filling the cabin was only marred by the sound of the wind outside and Ephraim trying to chuckle without being heard, which ended when Martha kicked him under the table. Ephraim covered his pain with a cough, then said with surprising conviction, “It arrived for you today, Papa. Just showed up on your desk.”

Caleb shot him a look of gratitude and sighed dramatically. “Whoever delivered it must have been awful stealthy to get in the house without any of us noticing.” He picked up the envelope and turned it around in his hands. It was small and somewhat creased at the edges like someone had held it a little too tightly. And on the front, in red Franklin crayon, was scrawled the word, Papa.

Jacob appeared at Caleb’s shoulder, waiting until Caleb raised his arms before sliding a plate of food in front of him and then taking his place at the opposite end of the table. “I was a bit concerned about that myself.” He sounded casual but there was a hint of humor in his voice that made Caleb want to smile. Jacob picked up his spoon and leaned over the table to cut up the dumpling on Thaddeus’s plate. “But then Tad and I talked it over and we figured they wouldn’t try it twice. Isn’t that right, Tad?”

Thaddeus was a statue and, with all eyes suddenly on him, could only manage a single nod, doing everything he could to not look in Caleb’s direction. Caleb couldn’t ever think of a time when Thaddeus had been so still. Even in his sleep the pup kicked and fussed and wriggled, as the bruises on Jacob and himself could attest. Everyone else seemed to be finding Thaddeus’s sudden quiet amusing, but it made Caleb want to gather the boy up and never let go.

Figuring that it would be better for everyone to put the little one out of his misery, Caleb sighed and used his butter knife to rip open the envelope. “Well, best see who it’s from.”

The card was fancy. There was lace around the edge and what looked like real feathers, dyed into bright colors stuck onto it too. And in the center, a picture of a full-cheeked Cupid, with a cascade of blonde locks holding up a banner adorned with writing.

Caleb cleared his throat. “I adore you. Be my Valentine.”

Ephraim couldn’t keep the laugh contained any longer but he did his best to disguise it as a coughing fit. Jacob played along, slapping him heartily on the back but that didn’t stop Thaddeus from quietly slipping from his seat and sidling up to Jacob’s chair.

Jacob scooped the boy up, letting him seek solace against his chest and holding him tightly. “What a nice inscription. Who is it from?” He sounded sincere but when Caleb glanced up at him, Jacob’s eyes were worried.

Caleb turned the card over. What he found was familiar. Jacob’s carefully penciled print with Thaddeus’s haphazard lines trying to trace over the top in the same red crayon. The one that Thaddeus only used on very special occasions.

“From a secret admirer.” Caleb felt a knot form in his throat and had to swallow hard to push it away. “It seems my Valentine wants to remain anonymous.”

The room was very still for a minute. Caleb couldn’t tear his eyes away from the words. Thaddeus’s attention span was like a grasshopper, pinging from one thing to the next without warning, but it was clear that he had sat and worked very hard to follow Jacob’s instruction and write out the words himself. But the small boy seemed mortified, curled into Jacob’s embrace, his breath shuddering and verging on tears.

That was until Martha said, matter-of-factly, “I bet it’s from Mrs. Leyland,” before taking a slurp of stew from her spoon.

Ephraim barked out a laugh. “Not on your life. I think there more chance it’s from Reverend Peter!”

Martha shook her head. “Are you simple? No, Mrs. Leyland, for sure.”

The bickering had the desired effect and Thaddeus gradually unfurled his grip on Jacob’s shirt, watching the exchange continue with wide eyes and an ever-widening smile as he figured that maybe he hadn’t been found out after all. That was until Caleb tilted his head and mused quietly, “What about Jack Carter?”

Jacob’s mouth dropped open and he raised his eyebrows. “The architect?”

Caleb shrugged and carefully propped the card back against his mug. “I don’t see why not. He certainly seemed very friendly.”

With that, Thaddeus growled and scrambled down from Jacob’s lap, pounded around the table and launched himself against Caleb’s side. Caleb smiled and hoisted the boy up, saying, “Well, whoever my Valentine is, I think they have excellent taste in cards.”

Thaddeus knelt in Caleb’s lap and grasped Caleb’s face with both hands. Thaddeus pushed his face close and whispered, “You like the van’tine, Papa?”

Caleb whispered back, “I think it’s beautiful, Thaddeus.” He kissed the beaming boy on the cheek, and then slapped him gently on the behind. “But I think we should sit in our own chairs and eat our dinner before it gets cold.”


“So. The architect, huh?”

It had taken a while to settle Thaddeus down, but Jacob descended the stairs with a smile on his face, and a tease in his not-so-serious question. Caleb shrugged and replaced the Valentine in its spot on the mantel. He turned and leaned his shoulders against the beam, crossing his feet at the ankle. “Are you denying that the man was handsome?”

Jacob laughed. “Definitely not. It’s just that I met his delicate wife and can say with certainty that you’re not his type.”

Caleb shrugged again, then pointed over his shoulder with his thumb. “Was that your idea?”

Jacob shook his head and slumped down into the rocking chair. “Nope. That was all Tad. Ephraim bought a card with his allowance, and once I explained what they were for, of course, he had to get you one.”

Caleb frowned. “And who was Ephraim buying a Valentine for?”

“He didn’t say. And no, I didn’t ask. I figure he’ll tell us when he’s ready.”

Caleb pushed himself away from the fire, taking the scant few steps to Jacob slowly, then lowered himself to settle between Jacob’s feet. “Is—Is this something we should do now? Give cards and favors? Because it didn’t even cross my mind. I’m sorry.”

Jacob smiled, languidly reaching his hand out to scratch his fingers through Caleb’s graying beard. “You have my heart every day, Mr. Fletcher. If I need a card to tell you that, then I’m doing something wrong.”

Caleb raised himself up, and leaned forward, laying his body against Jacob’s until their lips met. “I adore you,” Caleb whispered, then kissed his mate, relishing the feeling of their bodies stirring against each other even after all those years.

Jacob smiled against Caleb’s lips. “In that case, I think you should take me to bed and show me just how much.”


All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is strictly coincidental.
Be My Valentine – ©Alex Jane 2017 – All Rights Reserved

Rainbow Snippets – 04.02.18

If you’re new to Rainbow Snippets, it’s a Facebook group where authors of LGBTQ fiction post a six-sentence snippet of a WIP, a published story, or a recommendation, every weekend. You can see all the snippets here.

Today’s snippet…something from the new free WIP project posting now — 72 seasons. Click here for details.


“This your place?”

Cal was a little flattered that the guy thought he could afford somewhere so expensive and smiled to himself at the compliment. That and the fact his date’s voice was warm and deep and genuinely curious. Unfortunately for him, all Cal said was, “It is for the next hour. You wanna a drink?”

The guy shook his head. “No, I—No, thank you.” He’d slipped off his outer layers and was clutching them to his chest as he stood in the center of the open plan space. There was something totally adorable about it, something deliciously innocent and awkward and Cal prayed to god it wasn’t an act and that the guy wouldn’t turn out to be a serial killer.

WIP – 72 seasons

I’m so excited to start this project today. I think a lot of it is being nervous as I have no idea how it’s going to work out or if I’m going to be able to pull it off. But also, I’ve never tried writing anything in quite this way before, so it’s going to be interesting for me to see how the story is going to develop.

Anyway, I thought I’d leave some info here about my plans and what you’ll be getting this year…and why.

Read More…

My Reads – Jan ‘18

Please bear in mind that I’m not a reviewer.
This is just a list of what I read and what I thought about it.
My personal opinions will undoubtedly differ from yours,
and they’re no reflection on the authors or their work, simply my own thoughts.
I try to buy direct from the publisher/author where I can.
Five Stars are given to those books that I wanted to start reading again the moment they ended.
Always happy to receive recommendations in the comments.

The Fortune Hunter – Bonnie Dee … When I read the blurb for this book I was so excited. It promised to deliver something that sounded right up my alley. And it did not disappoint. In fact, it was even better than I could have hoped for.
The writing, as always from Bonnie Dee, was excellent and the story itself was delightful. That is if you like a slow burn plot that you know in your heart must end happily but you spend most of the story not knowing how that could possibly happen between the two main characters. I don’t want to give anything away, but I truly laughed aloud in places and shed a tear too. Romantic moments abound, heartbreak, and beautifully flawed characters that I loved.
I can’t give it anything but five stars as I know I’ll be reading this again when I need something comforting with a love story worth waiting for. — 5*

Silken – Isobel Starling … I wasn’t sure I was going to like this but I really did! The premise was intriguing – the long distance, anonymous, D/s couple finally meeting – and although I don’t usually read the millionaire boyfriend type stories, it actually was a very enjoyable to read about the nice apartment and fancy furniture for a change. Everything is described in detail, which I thought I would find tiring but Isabel’s style definitely grew on me Her characters are likable, interesting and, even in a short, managed to develop in a pleasing and natural way. Also, it’s as sexy as all hell. Definitely recommend and will be reading more by this author. — 4.5*

Waiting – Sue Brown … This was not what I was expecting. Actually I don’t know what I was expecting but this story developed into something rather interesting that kept me guessing. Not my usual thing but even as I questioned whether I was liking it or not, I knew I had to finish it. It was intriguing on several levels (I’m really trying to not give anything away!) and I loved the ending more than I can say. It’s a shortish read that entertained me. I liked! — 4*

Dead in L.A. – Lou Harper … I’d been putting off reading this for a while and I’m not sure why. Maybe as Lou Harper is a new author to me. I feel like an idiot now though coz omg I loved it! Two shorts in one volume (I’d kill for long version of each), two characters who are wonderful, a premise which could be a little out-there but comes across so down-to-earth—which is a magic trick all of its own. The dialogue is wonderful, the plotting is really nice and the way the characters develop and slowly bond is to die for. And the writing itself is fantastic. There are two more books in the series. I’ll be buying both. And then I’ll read this one again. Hence the five stars.
tl:dr – Read this. You won’t regret it. — 5*

Dead in the Desert – Lou Harper … I couldn’t hold out for long after reading the first book. I lasted a day before buying this one. Just as good, which is always comforting when It comes to series. The mystery was very nicely done, I enjoyed everything about the writing that I had in the first book—dialogue, character development, world building…it made me happy! I can see this series being one of my go-to comfort reads. — 4.75*

Dead and Lost – Lou Harper … By the time I was finishing up book two in this series, I was already buying this installment. A little different this time, from Leander’s POV, which was interesting and nicely done, and although I missed Jon’s view a bit, it was nice to get to “see” Leander doing his psychic thing. The mystery was good, writing was excellent. I’m really hoping there will be more. I love these books. — 4*

In the Middle of Somewhere – Roan Parrish … I’d heard good things about this book so I went into reading it with a level of optimism. Full Disclosure: I find it hard to read 1st person POV quite often and to my dismay this was present tense as well which…well, I like that less than 1st person. I struggled for a while with that aspect but I was so drawn in by the characters and the story that it didn’t take me long to get past it.
And then I read the whole thing in one sitting coz I felt like I couldn’t breathe until I found out what happened. It’s not so much a “can’t put it down” because of suspense or any sort of daring-do. You just want to be there.
Also, I have to confess, I’m generally a skimmer of sex scenes. I read for the romance not the sexytimes. But in this book, I didn’t skip a word. Every moment between Daniel and Rex, whether cooking together or talking or getting naked is…I don’t know…necessary, for want of a better word. I didn’t want to miss a moment and found myself holding my breath as I was reading. Literally breath-taking.
There were a couple of plot points which I was dismayed to find weren’t wrapped up by the end but—yay for me!—it seems the next two books in the series do just that. And I’m glad because they’re the kind of things that deserve the care attention that Roan gave to Daniel and Rex.
tl:dr I loved this. It gets 4.75 stars from me. And I probably would read it again in the future. — 4.75*

A Twist and Two Balls – Clare London … A short read but packed with flavour. I loved that this was more than two people finding love, but also finding things they didn’t even know they needed through their developing relationship. I laughed, I ‘aww’ed, writing you just can’t fault, and naked hairy men…very enjoyable. 4*

The Christmas Bonus – Isobel Starling … At just a few pages long there really wasn’t much time to get into character development or have an involved story. But it wasn’t a pwp either as the story cut off. I enjoyed it as it was but it didn’t blow my socks off like other stories from Isabel. If there’s more from these characters I will definitely read it but this was simply fine. 3*

Cover Reveal – Home in your Heart

When Martha returns to the homestead after five years away at school, the excitement of her arrival is somewhat overshadowed. There’s a new pack in town who appear friendly enough but something about them raises both the Alphas hackles. But any reservations about their new neighbors don’t stop Martha from falling for the charms of the handsome wolf set on seducing her.

With his stubborn daughter intent on giving up her future plans, his youngest son out of control and Ephraim not doing much better, Caleb struggles to keep his family together, risking his relationship with Jacob in the process. And, of course, the surprise guest that Martha brings with her doesn’t help matters either.

And as for Martha, her whole life has been an adventure of books and learning, until Albert captures her heart. But while she wrestles with her feelings, there’s a constant presence waiting in the wings. Someone that will catch her if she falls. Someone that always has, and always will. If she’ll let him.

No matter how far you go, there will always be a home for you in my heart.


Release date – (fingers crossed) 23rd February 2018


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Rainbow Snippets – 27.01.18

If you’re new to Rainbow Snippets, it’s a Facebook group where authors of LGBTQ fiction post a six-sentence snippet of a WIP, a published story, or a recommendation, every weekend. You can see all the snippets here.

Today’s snippet…something from Home in your Heart – Alphas’ Homestead Book Four, which is currently being edited.

Here, Martha is having to deal with a teenage brother sticking his oar in over dinner.

If you’d like to find out first about new releases you can join my Facebook Readers group.

“Caleb frowned a little and he glanced over, first at Jacob, then his father. “Yes, of course, but since when has knowing your reasoning for anything been such a secret?”
“It’s true,” Thaddeus butted in through a mouthful of bread. “Normally, you hardly shut up about what you’re doing and why.”
If looks could kill Martha imagined Thaddeus would have been eviscerated. Or at least that’s how she felt as she looked across the table at him. Although, he only shrugged and took another bite of bread, rather than falling down dead in his soup.”

Rainbow Snippets – 21.01.18

A little something from a new project I’m starting in a couple of weeks — 72 Seasons

Two men. Neither is exactly as they seem. It takes a year for both of them to realize who they really are and what they really want.
One year. 72 encounters. A work in progress.

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If you’re new to Rainbow Snippets, it’s a Facebook group where authors of LGBTQ fiction post a six-sentence snippet of a WIP, a published story, or a recommendation, every weekend. You can see all the snippets here.

“Cal reached out, taking one of Ben’s hands that were clenched at his side, and gently worked his fingers into the fist that immediately opened like a flower. Cal liked the feel of them immediately. The thick fingers were calloused and rough, a stark contrast to his own slender, soft ones. He wanted to ask if Ben was in construction, a carpenter maybe, but erred on the side of something safer as he drew Ben towards the large leather couch. “Come on. Come sit with me. We can start with something easy. I meant what I said y’know?” He ducked his head and succeeded in catching Ben’s reluctant eye. “I’ll take very good care of you. We’ll go slow. How does that sound?”
Ben nodded. It was slight at first then more assertive. “Slow sounds good.””

Rainbow Snippets – 14. 01. 18

I missed last week because…well , I forgot. But this week…a little bit of what I’m working on. Home in your Heart, Martha’s story in the Alphas’ Homestead series, coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled for release info in the next few weeks.

If you’re new to Rainbow Snippets, it’s a Facebook group where authors of LGBTQ fiction post a six-sentence snippet of a WIP, a published story, or a recommendation, every weekend. You can see all the snippets here.

“Caleb didn’t see her but suddenly Ephraim bolted forward, sprinting across the lot, his hat flying off and landing in the dust. As he did so, Martha came running down the steps, jumping down the last few and ran holding up her skirts until she collapsed into Ephraim’s arms.
Caleb smiled and had to put a hand to his chest to stop his heart from bursting out. They always did this. Didn’t matter that Ephraim was a grown man or that Martha was a fine woman, dressed in a fancy lilac satin dress with frills and flowers on her hat. Ephraim ran his hands over Martha’s arms as she touched his stubbled face, still acting like the two orphan children who were each other’s whole world.”

Winter’s Gift – Rainbow Advent Calendar 2017

Hi! And welcome to my contribution to the Rainbow Advent Calendar!
All this month until the 24th, you can find free stories everyday on the Facebook group, or on the Masterlist, and today is my turn, just click the image below.

Malcolm has been telling Seth that they’ll work things out for the last twenty years.
Maybe, finally this winter (with a little help) they might just do that.

If you don’t know Seth and Malcolm, don’t worry, you’ll get the idea. And if you’d like to get to know them better, then drop a comment below and I’ll pick a reader at random on Christmas Day to receive any ebook from my back catalogue and you can pick that one if you’d like.
And if you’re feeling in the Christmas spirit and have the wherewithal to help someone who needs it, please consider giving a little something to help my local rescue centre , or perhaps help to give a young person a safe place to spend the winter. That’s the kind of gift that can really make a difference.
Hope you have the happiest of Holidays, and Very Merry Reading! x


Seth Mason arrives at the Alphas’ Homestead under duress. The Council have made it clear that if his cousins, Caleb and Jacob, can’t tame Seth’s wild ways his very last chance will be used up and he’ll have nowhere left to go.
Seth is horrified to find that he’s going to have to spend a year living in the backwaters of Nebraska. He hates the Alphas. He hates the dirt and the horses. He hates the nearby town and everyone in it.
In fact, the only thing he doesn’t hate is Malcolm, the deputy sheriff. Unfortunately, Malcolm doesn’t seem to feel the same, especially when Seth uses his bad behavior to try to get the deputy’s attention.


Jacob feels for Seth—knowing what it’s like to lose family—but when his cousin’s bad behavior turns the town, not only against Seth but against all the werewolves at the homestead, he has to put his sympathies aside and fight to save his family and the place he’s called home for the last five years.

Sometimes the only shelter we can find from ourselves is in the hearts of others.

Payhip (25% off)
Amazon US

Aaron has spent the past ten months alone. When he meets a sad, yet strangely familiar man on a cold Halloween night, he impulsively invites him home. But the intimate connection they share lasts only until morning. Aaron wakes up alone—wracked with guilt and devastated to have lost his chance.

Or so he thinks.

Thanksgiving brings Aaron another shot at happiness, but letting go of an old love and accepting a new one isn’t as easy as everyone keeps telling him. And by the time Christmas Eve rolls around, it becomes clear that Aaron’s not the only one struggling to let himself love again.

Christmas miracles are all well and good, but it’s going to take more than the Holiday Spirit for Aaron to get his happy ever after.

A story of grief, sadness, and letting it go; and finding love when you least expect it.

Amazon US

Rainbow Snippets – 05.11.17


Just sneaking this one in…

If you’re new to Rainbow Snippets, it’s a Facebook group where authors of LGBTQ fiction post a six-sentence snippet of a WIP, a published story, or a recommendation, every weekend. You can see all the snippets here.

Today…a little late for Halloween but…

The bizarreness of the circumstances didn’t really hit Aaron until they were almost at the diner. Here he was, on the way to drink coffee with some guy he’d accosted in the street. The fact that it was Halloween didn’t help matters much. They walked together in silence, respectable distance apart, listening to the tinny jingle of mechanical skeleton laughter and occasional pumping bass from the parade of houses and stores they passed. It was late enough that the younger trick or treaters were safely tucked up in bed and only the older contingent, fueled by alcohol rather than candy, roamed the streets.
When they were almost run down by a bewildering crowd comprised of sexy nurses, unimaginative toga wearers, surprisingly convincing zombies, and what appeared to be the Easter Bunny, Aaron chanced a look over at his companion. And found himself looking straight into those gray eyes again. He could feel the flush of heat in his own cheeks as clearly as he caught the blush on the stranger next to him before they swiftly looked back down at their feet.

If you’d like to hear Michael’s fantastic narration you can find it on Audible.

Or you can read it yourself here – AmazonPayhip

‘Tis the Season Audio Book


The ‘Tis the Season audio book has just gone live!

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Monday Flash Fic – Cold

I don’t get the yearning to do Flash Fic often but this morning…well…I couldn’t help myself.

You can check out the other responses to the prompt over on Monday Flash Fic.


“Aren’t you cold?”

“No.” He tipped his head back to look at me, his smile still crooked even upside down, and those eyes still impossibly blue, glinting like polished steel in the dappled light. “Maybe.”

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Too lazy to blog…

So, I made this when I was tired and full of cold. I thought about tidying it up—trying to be sensible and not looking like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards after not sleeping for a week, or maybe just brushing my hair—but then I thought…meh…might as well start as I mean to go on. I’m a rambling mess most of the time, no reason I should try to be someone I’m not. I will try to get a stand to stop that camera wiggle though for next time.


***The newsletter mentioned should be coming out at about 8pm (GMT+1) tonight. Keep your eyes peeled!

Rainbow Snippets – 02.09.17


If you’re new to Rainbow Snippets, it’s a Facebook group where authors of LGBTQ fiction post a six-sentence snippet of a WIP, a published story, or a recommendation, every weekend. You can see all the snippets here.

This week’s snippet is from Longing for Shelter. A little Jacob, Caleb and Thaddeus for your weekend ♥

Jacob watched them, an empty, aching hole opening up inside him. He was perhaps the only one who truly knew the difference between the broken, lost Alpha who had settled in this small community all those years ago—alone and isolated from everyone—, and the man that sat in front of him now—a father, a husband, the man who had built this house and built a family from nothing. Jacob’s heart ached. “I can’t believe they would treat you that way. Especially after all these years.”
Caleb smiled. He rocked Thaddeus one more time then kissed his hair and set him down on the ground. The snuffling boy waddled over to Jacob and collapsed in his lap. Caleb watched Jacob pick Thaddeus up and cradle him against his chest, saying, “You’re a good hearted soul, Jacob, so you expect everyone to be the same. You shouldn’t take it personally. I know I won’t.”

Rainbow Snippets – 27.08.17


This is just a quickie to say WHOOHOO!

If you’re new to Rainbow Snippets, it’s a Facebook group where authors of LGBTQ fiction post a six-sentence snippet of a WIP, a published story, or a recommendation, every weekend. You can see all the snippets here.

This week’s snippet is from Longing for Shelter OUT NOW…well, on Payhip anyway. Amazon and B&N coming soon.
In which Ephraim and Seth have a heart-to-heart as only two teenage boys can.


“What about you? You sure talk like you’ve made someone’s bed bang the wall.”
“Not a bed.” Seth grimaced, especially when he saw Ephraim’s scandalized expression and felt the heat rising in his own cheeks. “I mean, I’ve had kisses and more than kisses, much more but—I haven’t—I mean I haven’t done—that. Other stuff. Just not…”
To his surprise, Ephraim simply nodded and said, “Good,” and added quietly, “Means you have something to offer your mate. When you find him.”
Seth nodded shyly, but then looked up, his head tilted. “What makes you think my mate would be a man?”
Ephraim laughed. “You’re not as subtle as you think, city boy.”

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