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The Alphas’ Homestead Series

Telling the story of Caleb and Jacob, two Alpha werewolves living in the backwaters of Nebraska, from their first meeting in 1871, through twenty years of trials and tribulations as they fall in love, find themselves with a family, and live a life they never dared to hope for before they met each other.


The Homestead Legacy Series

A selection of stories taking place in the Homestead Universe. Historical werewolves, pack feels and epic love stories.


Alexis Jane – Love…but darker

Darker stories with disturbing and taboo elements – Forbidden attraction. Killers in love – Trigger warnings are provided.


Mr & Mr Detective Series

What happens when an ex-cop with questionable morals and a computer hacker with a mysterious past find a common enemy?


Christmas Fixes Everything

Second Chance stories following the Meadows brothers as they find love over the holidays.


Standalone Novellas


Standalone Novels