• words –                49k+ words
  • paperback –      167 pages
  • pub date –          7th Dec 2021

Leo is done with men. Nick isn’t even looking. Fate thinks they’d be great together.

When a handsome new visitor arrives in the village, district nurse Leo Siregar doesn’t care how good looking the guy is. He figures his luck began and ended when he’d found a safe haven in Podlington. Falling in love would be too much to ask for and he’s too pretty to get his heart broken again. Or so he tells himself until he sets eyes on the man.

It was love at first sight when architect Nick Evans saw the derelict paper mill and the plans to restore it. His job is the only thing he needs in his life, especially as buildings don’t care if he’s quiet and awkward. But everything changes when he meets the outgoing local nurse and now fighting to stay in the village could mean rebuilding more than just an old ruin.

But destiny can only build the foundations. It’s going to take work for Leo to heal Nick’s heart and for the architect to rebuild the nurse’s trust. And when their future hinges on a missed phone call, they’ll have to decide how hard to fight to be each other’s happy ending.

Enjoy the charm of Podlington! The sleepy English village where magic happens and dreams come true. This LGBTQ+ Opposites Attract Novel can be read as a standalone or as part of the series. Building Something features a car called Bessie, a cat named Gravy, a secret project, and, of course, a happy ever after

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