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End of Year Review 2019 #5

September and October were kind of…weird, I think. September is always a little odd as it’s kinda the end of the year in some ways. I have my birthday then so it always feels like an ending/beginning of sorts, but with the bulk of the rest of the year being preoccupied with dog shenanigans, it felt very much as if I was trying to cram as much work in as I possible could. We had a few visits and visitors, the Word Dragon had yet more tests and yet more reassuring news. I was ticking along quite nicely in the writing department…or so I thought until—

It wasn’t my fault. Not really. I got a plot bunny. Quel surprise. Except this one was rabid. It would not let me go. After a week, I was fricken dreaming about it. so there was only one thing to do. Finish up what I was writing, then crack on and try to write a novella in ten days so I could stay on schedule with everything else. And I did.
The Wolf and the Pear took me completely by surprise. My first love was always classic Grimm’s fairytales: the language, the structure, the weirdness and violence. But writing one had never even crossed my mind until this idea came along. And oh my gosh, it was fun. Writing absolutely for pleasure and saying, to hell with it, knowing few people would want to read it but wanting to get the story out into the world anyway.
I wish they were all as much fun to write. The language and style was totally self-indulgent, the plot was accidentally topical but classic, and the consent issues questionable. In the end, I managed to get it up and out in time for Halloween and couldn’t be happier that I made it happen. I like the idea of doing more but, to be honest, unless another of these feral bunnies gets me I’m not sure it will pan out. But if Lev and his wolf are my only Grimm creation, I can live with that. I have plenty of other witches to slay after all.

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