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My Reads – The rest of 2016

Please bear in mind that I’m not a reviewer.
This is just a list of what I read and what I thought about it.
My personal opinions will undoubtedly differ from yours,
and they’re no reflection on the authors or their work, simply my own thoughts.
Links go to Amazon but books are available from multiple sources.
I try to buy direct from the publisher where I can.
Five Stars are given to those books that I wanted to start reading again the moment they ended.
Always happy to receive recommendations in the comments.

Yeah, I suck.
And on two counts, too.

Firstly, I didn’t read half as many books as I really should have last year. Some of that was for reasons, some of it was down to me trying to write more that I read, sometimes it was just a question of economy. But regardless, my book intake was of the “must try harder” variety. My only caveat to this would be that I did read a similar amount of fanfic so don’t imagine this was my entire intake for the year : )

Secondly, I didn’t keep up with these posts at all. That was influenced in part by the first part of my failure, but also as I seemed to be doing everything in a rush last year, so I’d finish a book and feel like I didn’t have time to write a review or write these posts. I need to make time.

But that was last year. This year maybe similarly fraught with lameness but let’s give the thing a go and, who knows, I may actually get some reading done.

The reviews in this post will be curtailed as I’m trying to remember what I thought from almost a year ago. It’s no reflection on the material.
So, in no particular order…

The Mating of Michael – Eli Easton …Loved this

Resistance – Lillian Francis …I beta read this and loved it. So happy there’s more to come.

Crooked Tree Ranch Series 1-3 – RJ Scott …I read books 1-3. Loved them. RJ is my comfort read of choice. Can’t wait to read Book 4

Ellery Mountain Series 1-7 – RJ Scott …Read all seven books one after the other. Moreish.

Bodyguard to a Sex God – Does what it says on the tin : )

Deefer Dog – RJ Scott …I’d read the sequel to this earlier. Lovely to catch up with the characters and come to find out how they met.

If It Ain’t Love – Tamara Allen …So good, it made me want to stop writing altogether. *5 Stars.

The 13th Hex
Hexbreaker – Jordan L. Hawk …Read the stort story and the first novel in this series. Blinding as always from Jordon. She never lets me down.

August Ice – Dev Bentham …Don’t remember why I picked this one up but I remember being really glad that I did. Great story.

Dance With Me – Heidi Cullinan …I really fancied this because of the cover (I know, I know) but once I got it I found it a bit hard to get into for the first couple of chapters…but then omg, I was hooked. There are two more in this series and I can’t wait!

So, a pitiful amount of reads for 10 months. Let’s see if this year I can do better : )

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