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New release – Glitter Fixes Everything

Glitter Fixes Everything is out today!

Christmas has come a little early, I guess <3 I was anticipating the book being out tomorrow but with everything being a little screwy this time of year, you can grab it today on Amazon or read it in Kindle Unlimited!

This one is following up on Justin from the first Christmas Fixes Everything book, Tinsel Fixes Everything, quite a few years later when he’s home from college for the Holiday season, and runs into an old friend aka the love of his life. Because who doesn’t love a second chance story around the holidays?

It’s short and sweet, mostly as that’s what I love to read myself around this time of year, and I hope you like it! I love Justin, and Roman is such a sweetie…it was definitely not a hardship to write this book.

I wrote a little something about sequels and my inability to let go for Diverse Reader that you can check out here, but I will say, there will be one more book following the Meadows Boys next year. Specifically Tyler who, Lord knows, needs a happy ending. I have lots to say about why he’s such a grumpy so-and-so and why he’s sad around the holidays…will there be a second chance involved? Bet your Santa’s hat there will be!

But for now I’ll leave you with Justin and Roman and all the Festive cheer you can fit in your elf suit <3

Hope you have a wonderful December!

(Oh and if you want to see more of these two…well, let’s just say that following the Rainbow Advent Calendar is a great way to get free stories this winter…just saying)


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