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Rainbow Advent 2019


It’s Rainbow Advent Calendar time again!

Gosh, it comes around so quick. Anyway, today it’s my turn and I have a little something for you that sort of slots quite nicely in between my two Christmas Fixes Everything books. If you haven’t read them yet you can find the links below but you don’t need to have read both or either to enjoy.

To read the story click the here and it’ll take you to Gingerbread Fixes Everything. It’s a little sweet something featuring teenage Roman and Justin, just so you know.

And if you’re so inclined you can check out last year’s story Platinum Fixes Everything too.

And, of course, you can find all the other Advent stories either on the Facebook Group or on The Masterlist which I’m updating daily.


Huge thank you to everyone who’s taking part this year, authors and readers alike. I hope you’ll drop by and leave some gratitude for them on their posts and blogs. Thanks too to Anna and Kim for giving my story a once over. You guys are the best.

Hope you guys have a wonderful Festive Season and a great New Year. Oh and don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter so you don’t miss any new releases coming in 2020! ?


Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas…


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