Rainbow Advent Calendar 2017


From the 1st – 24th of December authors of GLBT+ fiction will be opening a door to a selection of festive stories to while away the winter days and get you in the Christmas spirit.
Find stories from your favourite writers and discover some new ones along the way.
A small gift from us to you for all your support in 2017

This page contains the masterpost of links to the authors and their stories as they are revealed throughout the event.
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Welcome to the Rainbow Advent Calendar!

❄ Day 1 – DC Juris – The Only Star – 1.8K words – NSFW – Click here to read the story

“Ancient vampire Serge surprises his newly-turned lover Bryan with a little Christmas cheer.”

☃ Day 2 – Amber Kell – Moon Pack Christmas Visions – 2K words – Quain/Peter – Click here to read the story

“Sometimes a peak into the future can change your life.”

☆ Day 3 – Clare London – Unwrapping – 3K words –MM, not explicit– Click here to read the story

”Last Christmas Eve, Harry and Matt got together. Sort of. This Christmas Eve – and with the help of a Secret Santa gift – will they make it official?”

✷ Day 4 – Helen Juliet – Sparkle to the Season – 12.6K words – Matt/Aedan. Short sequel to Glitter on the Garland, but can absolutely be read as a standalone, NSFW – Click here to read the story

“Aedan wants Christmas to be perfect for his boyfriend Matt, but a misunderstanding means the holiday might be ruined before it even begins.”

♬ Day 5 – Kasia Bacon – Blessing and Light – 4.5K words – Fantasy MM – Click here to read the story

“Every soul deserves a blessing on the Night of Winter Lights….”

❄ Day 6 – V. L. Locey – The Best Gift – 1.5K words – Pairings – Victor Kalinski and Dan Arou – Click here to read the story

“A Cayuga Cougars holiday short narrated by Victor Kalinski”

☃ Day 7 – Isobel Starling – The Christmas Bonus – 5.7K words – MM, gay – Click here to read the story

“When Jake Walters sees the object of his obsession, Ethan Sullivan at the Investobanck Christmas party, he has one goal- to spend the night with the younger man.  But Ethan has ideas of his own!”

☆ Day 8 – Terry Poole – My True Love – 5K words – MM, paranormal, no sex in the story – Click here to read the story

“Bryce tries to win back his lost love, Devin, using the Twelve Days of Christmas carol in an inventive and romantic way.”

✷ Day 8 – Elizabeth Lister – The Little Drummer Boy – 13K words – MMM, BDSM, graphic erotic romance. – Click here to read the story

“Christmas with James, Tate and Sebastian is never boring, even when James is overwhelmed with work and Sebastian is up to his chin in studying for his college exams.”

♬ Day 9 – Alex Jane – Winter’s Gift– 2.8K words – Gay, family – Click here to read the story

“Malcolm has been telling Seth that they’ll work things out for the last twenty years. Maybe, finally this winter (with a little help) they might just do that.”

❄ Day 10 – Ruby Moone – The Christmas Curse – 6.7K words – MM – Click here to read the story

“It’s almost Christmas 1806 and Government Agent, Jared Templeton has been adopted by a stray dog. He discovers that talking to the dog is easy, and confides in him not only secrets about his work, but the biggest secret about himself. However, at midnight on Christmas Eve, he finds that things are not quite what they seem…”

NB – Word counts are approximate.