Rainbow Snippet – 19.03.16


Rainbow Snippet is brought to you today by the letters W, I and P, and the number, 9. Very early days with this one. See all of the other snippets on the Facebook page.


Drew was sitting on a gurney in one of the less than private bays in the ER when he heard Adrian’s frantic voice from behind the thin blue curtain.

“You called him?” Drew did his best to glare at the lieutenant who had stood tight jawed in the corner since they brought Drew in.

Eric shook his head and glowered at the sound of Adrian yelling, as if he thought his stare could penetrate the material surrounding the bed. “No. No, I did not.”

Drew sighed, then winced at the twinge in his rib cage. “Better get this over with then.” He matched the infuriated look Eric shot him with one of his own. “You know damned well, he’s only going to keep yelling.”

10 Responses to Rainbow Snippet – 19.03.16
  1. Jana Denardo Reply

    Well that’s intriguing.

  2. AM Leibowitz Reply

    Interesting. I wonder what Adrian is yelling about.

  3. Addison Albright Reply

    Mysterious. Let poor Adrian in and calm his worries! 🙂

  4. P.T. Wyant Reply

    Curious to know the relationship between the three of them. (I love the bit about “he’s only going to keep yelling.”)

  5. Louise Lyons Reply

    Hmm, I wonder what he’s shouting about. I’d like to find out more.

  6. Heloise West Reply


  7. CJane Elliott Reply

    Love it! Want to know more.

  8. Amy Rae Durreson Reply

    Intriguing. I wonder what happened to Drew and why Eric and Adrian are both reacting like this.

  9. Dianne Hartsock Reply

    I think they better find out what Adrian wants before he does something reckless.

  10. Antonia Aquilante Reply


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