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Rainbow Snippets – 05.02.17


I know, I haven’t done one of these in an age, but here we go…
If you’re new to Rainbow Snippets, it’s a Facebook group where authors of LGBTQ fiction post a six-sentence snippet of a WIP, a published story, or a recommendation, every weekend. You can see all the snippets here.

This week’s snippet is from my current WIP which will be out soonish depending how the current round of major rewrites go : ) Cover reveal coming soon.


“He’d been aware of the voice at first. There were some vague memories of a light shining in his eyes, someone asking him questions, then falling back into unconsciousness. But alongside that was a sense of someone being there, talking, not necessarily being able to hang on to the meaning of the words but the sound was a comfort.

Then there were flashes. Indistinct, blurred, and then clearer. A man sitting close to him, an old battered book in his hands, reading aloud into the unnaturally sterile air of the small room they then seemed to occupy. Sometimes, Jason would open his eyes and the man would be sleeping, bunched up in the too small chair, chin resting on his chest or lolling against his shoulder; still enough that Jason could let his eyes trace every line on his face, committing each detail to memory in the quiet of the afternoon or dark night, until his eyelids got so heavy they’d closed even though he fought to stay awake.”

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  1. Louise Lyons says:

    Lovely description. 🙂

  2. Ooo, how very mysterious and intriguing!

  3. Intriguing. I want to know how he got there and who he is and who the man is… MORE!

  4. Hmm, an amnesia story, perhaps?

  5. I love this snippet and I want to know more about the book. What happened? What happens next? Ooh, can’t wait

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