Rainbow Snippets – 21.01.18

A little something from a new project I’m starting in a couple of weeks — 72 Seasons

Two men. Neither is exactly as they seem. It takes a year for both of them to realize who they really are and what they really want.
One year. 72 encounters. A work in progress.

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“Cal reached out, taking one of Ben’s hands that were clenched at his side, and gently worked his fingers into the fist that immediately opened like a flower. Cal liked the feel of them immediately. The thick fingers were calloused and rough, a stark contrast to his own slender, soft ones. He wanted to ask if Ben was in construction, a carpenter maybe, but erred on the side of something safer as he drew Ben towards the large leather couch. “Come on. Come sit with me. We can start with something easy. I meant what I said y’know?” He ducked his head and succeeded in catching Ben’s reluctant eye. “I’ll take very good care of you. We’ll go slow. How does that sound?”
Ben nodded. It was slight at first then more assertive. “Slow sounds good.””

4 Responses to Rainbow Snippets – 21.01.18
  1. Addison Albright Reply

    Sounds like Cal is just what Ben needs. Sweet scene! <3

  2. Kari Trenten Reply

    Beautiful description!

  3. Jackie Keswick Reply

    Liking how Cal takes care with Ben as if he’s breakable…

  4. Jana Denardo Reply

    Love the descriptions in this

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