Rainbow Snippets – 30.01.16


So, if you’re not already aware of this event, every weekend a bunch of authors get together to celebrate LGBTQ fiction by posting six sentences of their work, whether it be published, work in progress, or a little bit of something that won’t ever come to anything. It’s only six sentences to represent the colors on the Pride flag, and just on Saturday and Sunday…except it isn’t. People post a little thing, mostly at the weekend but often stuff pops up during the week too. So do drop by and check out the post for this weekend, or any past weekends on the Facebook page.

My snippet this week is a little something from the Old West shifter fic I’m working on. I’m hoping to get the first draft done by the end of next month…although the rate I’m going right now, it might be next year. Keep your fingers crossed for me! x


Jacob stood in the doorway, fidgeting with the roll of fabric in his hands, his head bowed. Caleb felt a sudden pang of emotion when he realized Jacob was holding the bloody, tattered remains of the pants he had been wearing the day before. Caleb rose to his feet, and walked cautiously over to him.

Reaching out, Caleb took hold of the bundle, and drew it gently out of Jacob’s reluctant hands. He walked back to the fire and tossed the fabric casually onto the embers. “Would you like some more coffee? And food? There’s eggs and ham, if you’d like?”

Jacob’s eyes were fixated on the rising flames for a moment, before he took a deep breath and nodded. “That would be…thank you. If it’s not too much trouble.”

7 Responses to Rainbow Snippets – 30.01.16
  1. Cheryl Reply

    Oooh ANOTHER really intriguing snippet. Love it. Poor Jacob sounds so lost.

  2. Louise Lyons Reply

    Oh, poor Jacob. Great snippet. I love the setting for this – good luck with finishing it.

  3. Kate Lowell Reply

    So much emotion in that…

  4. R Reply

    Great snippet. Hope the words flow for you to get it finished

  5. Jana Denardo Reply

    Old West shifter fic, that made me perk up. Poor Jacob, sounds like he’s having a hard time.

  6. Amy Rae Durreson Reply

    Jacob’s vulnerability is conveyed so clearly here. Nicely done.

  7. P.T. Wyant Reply

    Love the emotion in this. (And what happened to his pants?)

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