Three years after Jacob Carpenter landed on Caleb Fletcher’s doorstep, the Alpha mates return to the city they grew up in to be married.

Aside from the sheer exhaustion of traveling across the country with three children in tow, both men step foot back in New York filled with apprehension about what kind of reception they will receive from their families after abandoning their respective packs.

At first it seems they are welcomed home with open arms and much excitement about their wedding but it soon becomes clear that not everyone is so happy to see the prodigal sons return.

Indeed, Caleb finds himself wondering if Jacob will go through with the ceremony at all, or whether it would be better to pack up his mate and their children, and head back to Nebraska before the situation does irreparable damage to them both.

Sometimes you have to leave a place to realize it’s exactly where you ought to be.…..

The Alphas’ Homestead Series – Book Two


Novella – 36k
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5starsRoroblu’s Mum

“…It’s a sweet, romantic and a little painful tale of the guys getting to their wedding day, and it’s a time for them to reconnect with family, or not as may be the case…Loved them, loved their kids, loved their love….” Read More…

5starsEvelise @ S.E.X. Reviews

“…Returning Home endeared me even more than I thought possible after reading Home is Where You Are. Alex Jane is now an automatic for this reader. Strong and romantic characters, Ms. Jane’s series should not be overlooked…” Read More…


“…With a vivid narrative style that I felt like I could drink in, Returning Home brings Jacob, Caleb and their three children to New York for their wedding and sets the stage for the alphas’ reunions with their families. This book triggered the full spectrum of emotion in me, leaving me snickering at the antics of the children (and adults), ready to weep at the purity of the love that radiates between Jacob and Caleb…” Read More…