Sunday Check In – Week 28

This week has been interesting.

Finishing up the first draft of the new book put me in somewhat of a good mood which is always worrying as I’m now waiting to see what catastrophe is coming next. It’s been productive though. The new book is off with the beta readers, and next week I’ll release the new cover and blurb so you can see what you’ll be getting.

Thankfully the weather has been fantastic here, especially as the Word Dragon is getting slower and slower. I think it’s partly old age but partly her milking it as she’s such a sun lover and just wants to lie in the grass to soak up the rays.

Not much else has happened— though I did see a fantastic demonstration of dictation by Lucy Lennox. I tried dictation ages ago and it didn’t work out for me but seeing how it can work, in real time, by someone who knows what they’re doing…I’m definitely going to give it another go.

Reading wise, I’ve been slacking this week. The lovely RJ Scott gifted me some of the books from the Railers hockey series that I was missing so I’ve been studiously avoiding opening my Kindle so that I don’t get sucked in when I should be finishing my own story.

This weekend, all I’ve done—apart from finish up the beta edits—is what I should’ve done last weekend which was clean my house being that it was horribly neglected. But really who wants to do housework but there are stories to be written?

Next week, I’ll be starting my Christmas story which I’m quite excited about. Probably shouldn’t say too much right now but I’ve been thinking about this since the release of Tinsel Fixes Everything last year. It’s quite hard to think about winter celebrations when the sun is blasting through your window turning your room into a furnace, all the trees are in full leaf and all you want to do is eat ice-cream on the beach. But I’ll do my best and maybe crank up the Christmas tunes to get me in the mood. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Hope everybody had a wonderful weekend, and that you have a great week ahead!


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