Sunday Check In – Week 29

It’s been a busy week but it feels like I’m getting caught up with all the things that haven’t been done since the beginning of  year, which sounds great in my head until I realize it’s July.

As I planned, I made a start on the Christmas story. It’s going pretty well so far. I don’t think I’ll ever become a full-time pantser but I am trying to turn down the plotting as I want to try to make things more spontaneous. I think it works, but right now it’s kind of scary as I have a vague idea where this story will end but not exactly how I’m gonna get there.  I’ll keep you posted on whether I write myself into a corner.

There’s been some editing too. And of course, this weekend I did a kind of cover reveal thing for the new book, The Arrangement, which is coming out next month. So excited about this story—I wanted to write this for ages, so to finally getting it down on paper was pretty amazing especially it didn’t fight me at all, and ended up almost exactly as I had imagined it would. With the cover done, all I need now is to edit it before I put up the pre-order. I’ll let you know when that’s ready to happen.

In other news, my mom came to stay this week for few days. It’s been nice to catch up, go out for a slap-up lunch, and of course, to have an excuse to get the house cleaned up and “mom ready”. We had some rain, which sucked, and some nice warm sun, which didn’t suck. Also, both conditions seem to make the Word Dragon very happy, as she likes to sleep in when it’s raining and lounge around when it’s sunny. So we can’t complain.

Next week, I should be mostly editing, cracking on with the Christmas story, and also have another book which I should be editing also. If I can get that all done I’ll be officially caught up before August so it’s only taken me seven months. Better late than never. Of course, next month, I have an art show that I need to make some artwork for., So I need to fit in some painting time fairly soon. It’ll make a nice change of pace, but I don’t miss the painting fumes when I’m writing, I have to say.

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Hope you have a wonderful week!




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