Sunday Check In – Week 33

This week has been a little hectic.

I was painting up a storm at the beginning of the week, only interrupted by me, locking myself out of my house, which was fairly traumatic (not being locked out, just the having to climb a ladder to get back in bit. I may never recover).

The second half was mostly busy, busy, hanging an exhibition. Which was fine apart from me spending the other 362 days of the year at home, alone, sat in a chair. Three whole days on my feet having to ‘people’ is exhausting. I have slept a lot more than usual. Also, this weekend has been spent in blessed solitude in the hopes of recharging for the week ahead. Just me and Lily. And some snacks.

The Word Dragon had a marvelous time, however. She had her comfy bed and loved getting to go to the pub for lunch every day. We’ve been pretty housebound since the beginning of the year so it was lovely to be somewhere different but for her to still be able to sleep for a couple of hours at a time. How she slumbered through all the hammering I do not know but sleep she did.

Reading-wise, I had a beta commitment which was no hardship I can tell you. I’ll give you a heads up when the book comes out but let’s just say I loooved it.

Writing-wise, nothing to report. I did spruce up Home Is Where You Are a bit ready for it to go into Kindle Unlimited which is happening…tomorrow. Assuming KDP does its thing. I’ll be putting the whole series in just for three months initially. See how it goes.

I think that’s it. Next week, I shall be finishing the Xmas story, starting some rewrites, and will finally have my grubby hands on the final version of The Arrangement. I’ll be giving out some ARCs on my readers page and on my newletter so make sure you’ve signed up to one of those. Or both. Belt and braces and all that.

Anyway. Hope you had a great week and that the next one is spectacular for all the right reasons x



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