Sunday Check In – Week 34

It’s been a busy week!

Also a little frustrating to begin with. I tried…and failed to get the Xmas story first draft finished but what with fidgety Word Dragons and fire alarms interrupting at inopportune moments, I still have a chapter to go.

In better news, The Arrangement came back to me needing a few corrections but with a sterling last-minute push from my editor—Victoria Milne—and formatter, it’s now up for pre-order and ready to go next week! It’ll also be available to buy directly from me too on Payhip if you’d prefer an ePub. Only two reviews on Goodreads so far from the advanced readers but I’m keeping my fingers crossed they’re all so generous.

The weekend has been rather nice though. Yesterday, Lily and I trekked cross country—well, took a short walk to get the train to Clapham, then Andover, then had a leisurely stroll in the sun to the  pub in the picture—to meet up with some writers and readers, have a chat and eat some food. It was lovely. There was a birthday cake and some wine, I got to talk over some work stuff with Victoria in person which is always fun, and Lily had so many cuddles she didn’t know what to do with herself. We had to miss the last event as she was deathly ill at that point in the year so I think everyone was super excited to see her risen and asking most politely for all the chips that were going spare—and a few that weren’t. It was a long, hot journey home and I fell asleep almost as soon as I came through the door but—I did manage to plot out Manny’s story while in transit, which—fire alarms permitting—I should be starting next week!

Also on the cards next week…well, I have to finish the Xmas story (how many weeks have I been saying this? Actually, don’t answer that), I have another bunch of edits to do, start Manny’s story (which I’m stoked about)…oh, and I might have a book coming out so I should probably tell some people about it at some point. And all the while, fighting off the insanely massive plot bunny that glomped me almost as soon as I hit the publish button this morning (Oh, it’s a dark, dark, dark one…I think I might love it already ??)

That’s it! Hope everyone has had a good weekend and that the week ahead is everything you could hope for x



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