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Sunday Check-In – Week One

Oh my Lordy…Week One is gone already! Not sure I have too much to report.

I think I spent most of the week lollygagging on Twitter and Facebook at the dumpster fire ( and actual fires) raging in the real world while persuading myself that enough might be enough when it comes to brandy butter. Had an early night on New Year’s eve although we did get woken up by neighbors chanting the countdown, which made me smile. And immediately fall back to sleep. It’s so rock and roll here, I can’t tell you.

I did my level best to get the Mr and Mr Detective novella done…failed somewhat mostly at it got to the point I knew I couldn’t actually write the ending without some serious intervention from my editor. Pray for her, poor thing. Managed to send her a mess that hopefully won’t have her tearing all her hair out, so that’s something. Also my keyboard failed on me. No left shift button! The pinkie on my left hand literally has one job—now it’s just hanging there, not capitalizing anything and making me even slower than I usually am.

I found myself actually really loving this story and adored getting to know the characters a little better as they only have supporting roles in the main stories. If you’ve read A Foreign Country then you probably know who I’m talking about. If you haven’t…the series is on KU, dudes. No excuses. This’ll be a standalone though so you won’t have to have read any of the others to know what’s going on hopefully.

Media-wise, someone recced Shadowhunters for the canon m/m relationship so I’ve been watching some of that. I’m not usually into YA fantasy but I don’t mind this. Of course, that meant I had to check out some fanfic as well, which has a) been lovely. Malec is very low on angst and high on husband-feels but b) means I’m already behind with my reading challenge for the year. I managed 92 books last year when my target was fifty ( I know that’s not much but the year before…well we won’t mention how little I read then) so this year I’m going for 100. If anyone has any recs for books or series they loved, let me know in the comments. I’ve got a bunch on my Kindle but you can never have too many books, right?

Plans for next week include a trip with the Word Dragon to her second favorite place in the world, getting The Legacy finalized, and trying not to finish up all the Baileys in one evening. Those last two may or may not be related.

Hope your start to 2020 was a bit more sparkly than mine…and that it carries on that way! Have a great week, Peeps xx


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