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Here’s a little waffly guest post that I wrote for RJ Scott’s blog about what it was like having my writing published for the first time.

RJ Scott Author Blog



Been doing a few guest posts promoting Valentine Delights this week.
I was flabbergasted when Charlie Cochrane asked me to do a Q&A for her blog.

You can see the results here – CharlieCochrane’s Weblog
There are also some interviews with other contributors to the anthology so leave them some love too.

Rainbow Snippets – 13.02.16


For the very last time…

“I spy, with my little eye–”

“I swear to God, Elliot, you finish that sentence and I’m gonna punch you in the throat.”

Elliot laughed, clearly not intimidated at all, despite the way Daniel’s voice growled out the words. Anyone else would cower. Daniel had actually made a junior executive cry using that tone of voice once. Not his proudest moment but still, it came in useful from time to time. Except with Elliot.


Read the rest of ‘Something Beginning with ‘V’ in Valentine Delights, Free download now available from Love Lane Books and All Romance as well as a few other places. And don’t forget to check out all the other snippets on the Facebook Page.

Valentine Delights


On the run up to the release of Valentine Delights on the 12th Feb, which features Something Beginning with ‘V’, the lovely Elin Gregory did a little Q&A thing with me for her blog.

You can read it here.

Rainbow Snippets – 06.02.16


My snippet this week is from Something Beginning With ‘V’ which comes out on Friday, as part of the Valentine Delights anthology from Love Lane Books. So you can read the whole thing! There are some really great stories and authors included, and it’s free. I’ll add links to it here, when I get them.

And of course, you can see lots of other snippets on the Facebook page.


As Elliot told the story – and then tried to brush away the serious atmosphere by making light of his anxieties, as he always did – Daniel had wanted more than anything to be able to take his hand. Nothing more. Simply wanted to give him a touch, some comfort, some reciprocation of the intimacy of Elliot sharing something so personal. Except he didn’t. He knew intellectually that it was a ploy on Elliot’s part to keep his boss’s mind of his stupid ankle, no matter how his heart ached for it to be something more. So he sat on his hands and gritted his teeth instead.

Rainbow Snippets – 16.01.16


Today’s snippet is from my short story, Something Beginning With ‘V’ which is going to be available from Love Lane Books on 12th Febuary, in their Valentine Delights anthology. I’m fricken excited as it’ll be my first published thingy. I’m really trying to be cool about the whole thing, but yeah…like I said. Excited : )

Don’t forget to check out all the other snippets on the Facebook page.


When he finished laughing, he sighed heavily, exhausted by the whole situation, and scrubbed his hands roughly over his face. “No. No plans. I think Erin was threatening to drag me to some Valentine-rejects-speed-dating-mixer…thing before her date but malfunctioning elevator notwithstanding, there’s no way in hell I’d go to that. Sometimes, I swear she has money down on me getting laid.”

Elliot opened his mouth to answer, but the intercom crackled into life, and in his rush to stand, Daniel completely missed Elliot murmur quietly, “You’re not a reject.”

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