30 Days of Music

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Music – The Dying Cowboy

Trying to get back into a decent mindset to pick up where I left off with the Old West shifter story, I thought some music might help. Took me all of a nanosecond to figure out which song would work.

I had the very great privilege to see Frank Fairfield play at The End of the Road Festival a few years ago, and he’s utterly mesmerizing. Just him and his instruments were more captivating that many performers I’ve seen with all their bells and whistles. The highlight for me was during one of his fiddle pieces, his playing was so frenetic, the bow literally shredded; long hairs flying around him while he kept sawing away like a man possessed. It was magical.

Anyway, there’s an interesting article here, and this little glimpse into his devotion to authentic folk music here if you’re interested.

Music – Guilty

I like early 20th century Jazz. Not the free-form stuff, or the more recent stuff.
I like Billie and Ella, the Big Band guys…that stuff.

Anyway, I’ve been listening to this song for years but only this week – which has been spent in the most glorious company of Jonty and Orlando of the Cambridge Fellows Mysteries, courtesy of Charlie Cochrane – has the meaning of the lyrics taken on a slightly more poignant message.

Or maybe it’s just me starting to read m/m into everything.
Either way, it’s always going to be one of my favourites.

Music – Gracefully

This gorgeous song is featuring heavily on repeat right now. It’s on my Black Bird playlist and I’m imagining it accompanying the Christmas chapter. It’s not a festive song, but I’ve got a whole montage in my head, with snow falling outside a window that looks in on a crooked tree, badly decorated with lots of multicolored lights; Guy1 wrapping a blanket around poorly sick Guy2, bringing him hot soup in a mug, and then snuggling down next to him to watch Lethal Weapon on the TV.

I should really give these guys some definite names soon. And yes, Lethal Weapon is a legit Xmas movie…don’t even with me.

Music – This Wind

Added a new song to the Black Bird writing playlist.

I’m not sure if it relates to a particular scene yet but it’s just perfect all the same.

Stumble Forward Playlist

Not necessarily music for the story but certainly the music I was listening to while I was writing. Available to listen to here on Spotify

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