Rainbow Snippets – 16.09.18

If you’re new to Rainbow Snippets, it’s a Facebook group where authors of LGBTQ fiction post a six-sentence snippet (or there abouts) of a WIP, a published story, or a recommendation, every weekend. You can see all the snippets here.

This week, something from an old story but a new release, coming soon…probably next week…probably. Might be best to subscribe to my newsletter if you’d like some more definite news. I’m nervous about this one so let’s see how it goes. In this snippet, Alec and Jack meet under less than perfect circumstances.


Initially, Jack was dead weight. Alicia tried to push him upright while Alec tugged on his sleeves but Jack wasn’t budging. Alec knew if they could just get him to sit up it would be much easier, so he somehow scrambled onto the backseat, straddled Jack and leaned in right over him. It wasn’t easy, but he managed to get one foot in the foot well and then crammed the other knee between Jack’s thigh and the back of the seat. He could feel his skin flush pink and told himself that it was the exertion and nothing more. Alec cupped a hand around Jack’s neck, sliding his fingers into the short hairs at his nape, bunched the other in the shoulder of his hoodie, and pulled gently.
Jack’s eyes flickered open and looked right into Alec’s. Alec could see the sadness and sickness and absolute exhaustion of body and mind. It was an all too familiar pain and he couldn’t help but put his mouth close to Jack’s ear, and whisper, “It’s okay. I’ve got you. Let’s just get inside, okay?”
Jack smiled, so slightly and sadly, Alec almost missed it, but he felt Jack slide a big hand up his back to grasp his shoulder and let Alec slowly lift him, guiding him out of the car and onto his feet.


Rainbow Snippets – 09.01.16

stumble forward

Okay, I think I’m going to be making this the last one from Stumble Forward…I’m running out of story! Pretty soon you could string all my snippets together and have the book. Anyway, don’t forget to check out all the other snippets this weekend – and for all the other weekends – on Facebook.


Jack pulled back to leave a space and rolled Alec into it so he could see his face. Alec tried to turn away, not wanting Jack to see his red eyes and snot and self-pity but Jack took hold of his chin and gently pulled him around. He looked at Alec for a long moment before bending and placing a chaste kiss on his lips.

As Jack pulled up, he looked deep into Alec’s eyes and said, “It appears you’ve been forgiven.”

Jack quickly swooped down to kiss him again, harder, deeper this time, as Alec’s face started to crumple under the weight of the heavy sobs of relief coming out of him.


The next morning Alec reached out for Jack but found only empty space in the bed next to him.

Rainbow Snippets – 02.01.16

stumble forward

First post of the year!! Continuing where we left off – well, not exactly but close enough – another six-ish sentences from Stumble Forward. Catch all the other snippets from lots of great authors on the Facebook page


“Go home, Alec.” Stella slid out of the booth, dragging her coat behind her. Alec sat up, and started to protest but she shook her head. “Go home! It’s-” she checked her watch, “Christ, it’s one in the morning. I have to drive back to Dallas in a few hours.” She shoved her arms roughly into the sleeves of her coat, freeing her long hair from the collar with the flick of both wrists. “Go home to your giant and talk to him! I’m back in town with Mark in a couple of weeks. I’ll call you and let you know when, and then the four of us can go out and have a very awkward, very expensive dinner…on you! You owe me!”

Rainbow Snippets – 19.12.15


Snippet time! A little more from Stumble Forward. You can read more snippets from some great authors over on the Facebook page.


It wasn’t so much a kiss as Jack smashing his mouth hard onto Alec’s. It was all teeth in flesh and desperation and their eyes locking, staring at each other in pain and surprise as it happened but Alec didn’t try and pull away, even when he felt Jack’s vice-like grip release.

Jack slowly drew back, his face pulled tight in the horror of what he’d done. Alec stood frozen, his eyebrows raised and eyes wide with surprise. He wanted to speak but wasn’t sure how he could even begin to address what had just happened. He could see blood smeared on Jack’s bottom lip and suspected it was his own.

Rainbow Snippets – 12.12.15


Today’s six sentence snippet is from Stumble Forward, a little later in the story than last week’s offering. You can check out all the author’s snippets on the Rainbow Snippets Facebook page.

Alec was struck dumb for a moment. He huffed out a laugh and mirrored Ethan’s posture, saying in the same whispered tone, “I have no clue what you’re talking about.”

Ethan’s eyes widened in disbelief, and he shook his head. “Seriously? You don’t see the way he behaves? The way he looks at you?”

Rainbow Snippets – 6.12.15


I joined a new Facebook group, Rainbow Snippets, where authors can post a six sentence snippet of an existing work or wip or whatever, every weekend.

Turns out it’s blummin’ hard to pick something! It appears I write in phrases that are seven sentences long…which is interesting.

Today’s snippet is from Stumble Forward, which I’m still in the process of editing.


Jack looked up at him, eyes soft and watery, his mouth moving like he wanted to say something but couldn’t find the words. Alec sat carefully on the bed next to him, peeled the fingers off his skin, and held Jack’s big hand between his two.

Jack looked like he might cry and when he spoke his voice was cracked and broken with tears. “I’m sorry. Don’t hate me…I’m so sorry.”

The tone of his words hit Alec in the chest, as real as a fist but he smiled softly, squeezed Jack’s hand and laid it on his bare chest, pulling the sheet up to cover it and whispered, “I don’t, and I know you are. I’m sorry too.” But Jack’s breath was already rasping into a snore, or at least verging on one, and the apology never reached him.

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