Newsletter Survey Results

Last month, I ran a survey about newsletters. I want to be a bit better about using my mailing list and figured there was little point in sending them out if I wasn’t providing the kind of content that people wanted to see.

I kept it simple using only five questions and incentivized it with a $/£10 gift card giveaway. Hopefully, you will find the results as interesting as I did.

I’ll put a tl:dr version of the results at the bottom of the page if you just want a summary of the findings.
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Turned On

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.23.48

When I was in art school (yeah yeah, laugh it up) we often joked about there being some kind of shop where we could go to buy ideas because, back then, that seemed like the hardest part of the creative process. Figuring out what to draw/paint/make in the first place.

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