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30 Days of Music

I like songs. Lots of songs. I’m not one of those people who like a particular genre or artist**or album. I couldn’t tell you the name of most of the songs I like but I probably do know all the words and will singalong badly given half a chance or a glass of wine. Music is that important to me that I even mention my ‘dysfunction taste’ in my bio.

So when I decided to do one of those song challenge meme thingies last month, I thought I’d keep track of the songs with a playlist on Spotify just for fun. And it was so much fun I’m doing it again this month!

So as not to spam y’all with weird tunes everyday, I’ve been keeping the entries to my Instagram/Facebook stories, so you can see them there as I’m going along. Or you can listen to all the the weirdness with the playlist on Spotify here

Who knows, you might even find your new favorite song!



**With few exceptions, of course. David Bowie, Billy Holiday, Talos, Porcupine Tree, to name a few…

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