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Be My Valentine

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Happy Valentines Day! If you haven’t already seen it, I’ve written a short Valentines story over on RJ Scott’s blog as part of her Valentines Guest Post Thing (I believe that’s the technical term).

It’s just a quick glimpse at Valentines Day in the Fletcher-Carpenter household not too long after Returning Home. It might seem a little unusual as far as romantic stories go but then for Caleb and Jacob, their idea of romance was always about family. Click here to read.

I’ll put the story up here at some point as a free read. I was toying with the idea of formatting it into a free ebook for people to download but then I wondered whether it would be better if I included it in the next Alphas’ Homestead book as a bonus feature? What do you think?

If anyone has any thoughts or preferences, let me know in the comments. Either way it’ll be on the site as a free read.

Anyway. I hope everyone is enjoying Valentines Day! And if you find yourself in need of something to read while you’re being pampered, you could do worse than head over to RJ’s blog and check out all the other short stories on offer. Some great stories by some fab authors…what more could a girl/guy want?

And don’t forget, you can download last years Valentines story, Something Beginning With “V” here should you feel that way inclined.

Have a fun day! #loveislove

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