Happy New Year 2023

It’s New Year’s Eve and, as usual, social media and my inbox is filling with a flurry of 2022 round ups, people’s achievements, their best moments and heartfelt hopes for the coming year.

It’s nice. Although, I can’t help thinking my own experiences feel a little sparse in comparison. Read More…

30 Days of Music

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Where in the world is Alex?

tl:dr – If all I can do is write and help take everyone’s minds off this horrible disaster, then I’m going to do that.

If we’re friends on social media then you probably already know that I haven’t been around very much, not for the last two weeks particularly, but even since Christmas I’ve been not been posting regularly in my readers’ groups, keeping up with blog posts, or being 100% engaged with everyone. And since the whole global pandemic kicked off it’s been kind of hard to do much more than anxiety-scroll/doom surf through the news, obsessively check to see if the curve is flattening, and overshare every new bit of information I come across.

So after two solid weeks of panic attacks and eating my feelings, I’ve decided that now is the time to stop and try to get back to something like normal. Which is not the same as sucking it up and getting on with things, I might add. As someone who has been socially isolated before it was cool and dealing with some chronic mental health issues—which will quite frankly never be cool—I know there is a time to lay around on the floor in the same cheesecake-stained pajamas you’ve been wearing for a week, and there is a time to stop that, take a shower and water your houseplants before they all die.

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January Recap – It’s a long cold winter…

Don’t know if I’ll do this every month…I’ll see how it goes. It’s as much an aide to my ever-dwindling recall as much as to amuse you guys.
Oh, and anyone who gets the movie reference can claim a free ebook, if they want one! (don’t comment if you know it, email me so everyone can play, ‘kay?)

Sunday Check-In – Week Three

Week Three is done and dusted! And it could have been a lot worse.
It’s been a bit of a weird one this week. I struggled a bit getting out of bed in the mornings, struggled to concentrate when I did. But I managed to get a bunch of stuff done anyway. Maybe not the things I’d hoped but I’ll take it. Read More…

Sunday Check-In – Week Two

Whoop! Almost halfway through January already and I can practically smell that summer’s on its way. Okay, that’s a lie—it’s cold and meh here—but a girl can dream.
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Sunday Check-In – Week One

Oh my Lordy…Week One is gone already! Not sure I have too much to report.
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Happy New Year 2020!

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End of Year Review 2019 #6

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End of Year Review 2019 #5

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End of Year Review 2019 #4

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End of Year Review 2019 #3

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End of Year Review 2019 #2

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End of Year Review 2019 #1

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Sunday Check In – Week 32

Less of a week review than a random check-in as the last ten days have been a bit full and inevitably I lost my thread in terms of keeping a handle on my life.
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Autism Awareness Month 2017 – RJ Scott’s Blog Hop


When I saw RJ had picked the theme of animals for this year’s Autism blog hop, my first thought was actually feeling a little sorry for you guys. Coz I when I hear animals, I think dogs. Because dogs are one of my special interests* Which means I figured I would end up blathering on about dogs to you for ages…and ages and ages and ages.

So in an effort not to bore y’all to death and for this blog post to not go on forever I was trying to think about how I could narrow it down. Which isn’t easy. But then I was thinking about when I went for a diagnostic meeting with a specialist about my ASD and I mentioned I had a dog and the doctor seemed almost relieved and very enthusiastic about it. I was telling her how I found it much easier to relate to dogs than people and she told me that wasn’t uncommon amongst people on the spectrum.


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Love Your Pet Day


Today is the most glorious of days.

It’s Love Your Pet Day!

Like I need any excuse.

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Random Acts of Kindness Day

Photo by Jennifer Richardson. Via Unsplash.

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day.

I like random acts of kindness. I’ve experienced a few. Read More…

On Value and Creativity


So, the other week when social media was blowing up because some asshat thought it would be a good idea to blatantly disrespect every author on the planet by asking which pirate sites were best to illegally download books, I had a thinky thought while I was out walking my dog.

You’re gonna have to bear with me. I’m gonna ramble. This is a little incoherent but there’s a point in here somewhere.

Click for rambling, ranting and a fair bit of swearing

I did a bad thing.

I did a bad thing. Okay, not so much bad as stupid and unthinking…which I guess is pretty bad.

But I’m blaming the fact that it was 5.30am and I’m a sucker for a pretty face.

It started last week.

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