Where in the world is Alex?

tl:dr – If all I can do is write and help take everyone’s minds off this horrible disaster, then I’m going to do that.

If we’re friends on social media then you probably already know that I haven’t been around very much, not for the last two weeks particularly, but even since Christmas I’ve been not been posting regularly in my readers’ groups, keeping up with blog posts, or being 100% engaged with everyone. And since the whole global pandemic kicked off it’s been kind of hard to do much more than anxiety-scroll/doom surf through the news, obsessively check to see if the curve is flattening, and overshare every new bit of information I come across.

So after two solid weeks of panic attacks and eating my feelings, I’ve decided that now is the time to stop and try to get back to something like normal. Which is not the same as sucking it up and getting on with things, I might add. As someone who has been socially isolated before it was cool and dealing with some chronic mental health issues—which will quite frankly never be cool—I know there is a time to lay around on the floor in the same cheesecake-stained pajamas you’ve been wearing for a week, and there is a time to stop that, take a shower and water your houseplants before they all die.

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Happy New Year 2020!

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Sunday Check In – Week 34

It’s been a busy week!
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Sunday Check In – Week 33

This week has been a little hectic. Read More…

Sunday Check In – Week 32

Less of a week review than a random check-in as the last ten days have been a bit full and inevitably I lost my thread in terms of keeping a handle on my life.
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Sunday Check In – Week 30

Sunday already? Time flies when you’re…what have I been doing?…

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Sunday Check In – Week 28

This week has been interesting.
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Kindle Unlimited

So…I’ve been contemplating this for a while and I’m going to start to put some of my books into Kindle Unlimited this weekend.
I don’t know whether this will be a ‘Yay!’ or a ‘Boo!’ thing for you. I don’t know quite how I feel about it myself, but I do know how things have been going. Read More…

What is Love…but darker

What is this Love…but Darker nonsense?


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Newsletter Survey Results

Last month, I ran a survey about newsletters. I want to be a bit better about using my mailing list and figured there was little point in sending them out if I wasn’t providing the kind of content that people wanted to see.

I kept it simple using only five questions and incentivized it with a $/£10 gift card giveaway. Hopefully, you will find the results as interesting as I did.

I’ll put a tl:dr version of the results at the bottom of the page if you just want a summary of the findings.
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Love Bytes Book of the Year Poll


Holy Moly! Home Is Where You Are made it through to the 2016 Book of the Year Poll on Love Bytes Reviews. Which is amazing!

It was properly gobsmacking to make it through the weekly and monthly rounds, so to see Caleb and Jacob’s story up with all those other fantastic books at the end of the year is kinda crazy.

Obviously, if you would like to vote, that would be lovely. You can click Here, but mostly, I just wanted to say thank you.

Thank you to everyone who has bought, read and reviewed any of my books in 2016, thank you to everyone at Love Bytes who have been so supportive of my new venture, and thank you to everyone who voted for Home last year.

You guys are the best.


The “All Romance Books” Situation


If you haven’t already heard, All Romance Books is closing its doors as of 31st December 2016. Unfortunately, they appear to be scarpering out the back with authors’ and readers’ money. Authors are being offer 10¢ on the dollar for royalties from the last quarter, and nothing from the day before they emailed us about the closure, and readers credit is gone along with any money they’ve paid for pre-sales, plus the site keeps crashing so they can’t download the books they have bought and paid for. The whole thing stinks. Especially, as they’re still selling books for which the authors will receive no payment!

I had to admit to feeling so sad when I first heard about this, and I had a bit of a cry when I downloaded my sales reports this morning, but mostly I’m just steaming, fucking mad at this point even though I’ve gotten off lightly compare to some. I’m going to lose about $100, which isn’t a huge amount but, my god, I need it right now. Things could have been much, much worse. They say everything happens for a reason, and although I’ve been cussing my neck injury for making it hard to write and missing my deadline for Longing for Shelter, I think I would have been devastated if I had gone ahead and published in December.

Still, the issue going forward is primarily cleaning up this mess, and giving readers who don’t want to use Amazon a way of buying books.


If you have bought any of my books from ARe and can’t download them in time, send me a screenshot of your bookshelf or the receipt from ARe and I’ll send you a replacement file.

If you don’t want to buy from Amazon, my first choice would be for you to buy from Payhip – here. You can use Paypal (credit card and Stripe, I think), they pay directly to me as soon as you’ve bought your book, and you can get PDF, Epub and Mobi files. If you want a different kind of file, just let me know and I’ll try to get that uploaded too, if it’s possible. You can also get 25% off if you share a tweet or something social media-ish. It may be that this distributor goes bad for some reason in the future but for now, these are my go-to-guys.
Lily Blunt has kindly made a list of authors who also use the service – here.

Amazon are still there (as somebody pointed out, if they go under then the world will be on fire so it won’t matter) and if you’d like to leave a review, that’s a really helpful place to leave one. ‘Tis the Season will stay on KU for now…I’m planning on doing a second edition, then putting it on Payhip. I’ll keep you posted about that.

Anyway…I hope this helps a bit. Let’s just hope that 2017 brings less of this and more fun! Lawd knows, we need some of that x

Big Gay Fiction Giveaway 2016

How would you like to read novels, novellas, shorts and samples from over 80 authors for free?

Well, you can do just that this week with the Big Gay Fiction Giveaway.

Running until the 27th November, the giveaway has something for everyone — sports, shifters, crime, menage, family, comedy, historical…you name it. Clicking on the book (or books…I may have clicked quite a few already) will take you to Instafreebie, where all you do is sign up to the author’s newsletter, pick which format you’d like and the free book will be delivered to you.

It’s a brilliant way to discover new authors, and nab some stories that you might already have your eye on. Stocking up for the winter months ahead is always a good idea. Plus, they’re free so it’s the perfect opportunity!

You can peruse the books here – www.michaeljensen.com/free-books/

I’m offering Home Is Where You Are if you don’t already have it.


Happy shopping!

Suggestion Box


I’m in the process of setting up an area on the website with exclusive content for newsletter subscribers and swag recipients about The Alphas’ Homestead series – character profiles, pictures, maps…actually that’s all I’ve come up with so far.

Anyone have any suggestions as to things you might like to see/discover/know about the story? I aim to please x



It’s taken me far longer than it should have, but I finally managed to navigate Createspace and get the paperback edition of Home Is Where You Are up on Amazon. Fingers crossed, the edition looks okay –– although the cover turned out a little darker than shown online –– but if there are any issues you know where I am x

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Cover Reveal – Returning Home

RH Cover rip copy

Coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Or subscribe to the newsletter and get to see it first.

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Guest Blog for RJ Scott


Here’s a little waffly guest post that I wrote for RJ Scott’s blog about what it was like having my writing published for the first time.

RJ Scott Author Blog



Been doing a few guest posts promoting Valentine Delights this week.
I was flabbergasted when Charlie Cochrane asked me to do a Q&A for her blog.

You can see the results here – CharlieCochrane’s Weblog
There are also some interviews with other contributors to the anthology so leave them some love too.

Rainbow Snippets – 06.02.16


My snippet this week is from Something Beginning With ‘V’ which comes out on Friday, as part of the Valentine Delights anthology from Love Lane Books. So you can read the whole thing! There are some really great stories and authors included, and it’s free. I’ll add links to it here, when I get them.

And of course, you can see lots of other snippets on the Facebook page.


As Elliot told the story – and then tried to brush away the serious atmosphere by making light of his anxieties, as he always did – Daniel had wanted more than anything to be able to take his hand. Nothing more. Simply wanted to give him a touch, some comfort, some reciprocation of the intimacy of Elliot sharing something so personal. Except he didn’t. He knew intellectually that it was a ploy on Elliot’s part to keep his boss’s mind of his stupid ankle, no matter how his heart ached for it to be something more. So he sat on his hands and gritted his teeth instead.

The Road So Far…

Today, the delicious Clare London has allowed me to write a rambling post as part of her Birthday Blog month, about starting out as a writer of m/m.

When I signed up to take part, I didn’t have a clue what to write so hopefully I’ve not screwed up. Or sound like a dick.

Anyway…you can read the post here.

What a way to start the week! x

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