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Just a quick notice to let you know that on this site,
I talk and write about relationships and sex between men, often in explicit terms.

If it is illegal for you to view that sort of stuff due to your age or location, please click out.
If you are offended by that subject matter, please click out.
If you think you can change my opinions by ranting in the comments, just…click out.
I cannot be held responsible for any offense taken, when all you need to do is stop reading.


Work In Progress

Stumble Forward – Currently finishing my edits before I can send it off to be professionally picked over. Should be done by the end of January.

(wip currently known as Little Werewolf House) – Next on the agenda. I’ve made a start but I want to sit down and get the first draft hashed out before the end of February.

Black Bird – Once LWH is done, I intend to battle through to the end over the course of the summer…once I can see a way around that plot point, that is.

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