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End of Year Review 2019 #6

November passed in a blur of public transport. We went to Eastbourne and Andover and Bristol and our feet didn’t seem to hit the ground. I was in a writing frenzy and prepping for the Rainbow Advent Calendar…and did I mention the writing frenzy? It helped a lot that the Word Dragon seemed to be improving and losing a little of the muscle weakness she’d had since the spring, enough that people mentioned it when the saw her out and about, so that was cause for celebration. Not least as it meant I could walk at a normal human pace again. Which was nice.
December hit…and so, naturally, did the germs (see previous statement regarding public transport). I still have quite a lot on my plate but coming down with a virus that took me out, for three weeks practically, didn’t help. Still, I got to see family and friends, eat a few mince pies and drink my body weight in Baileys, and watched Klaus on Netflix and cried. Overall the festive season wasn’t too bad.

Last year—which even now seems like five minutes ago—as tradition dictates, I had an idea for a standalone festive story, that grew a sequel in my head before I’d written ‘the end’. Justin was a side character in Tinsel Fixes Everything, one of the ones that I write without really giving them much thought, and who readers end up loving more than the people I spend hours creating. So, of course, he needed his own story. I wanted Glitter Fixes Everything to be close to the first book, if not in continuity, then in feel. A second-chance Christmas story with high school sweethearts torn asunder only to be reunited at the eleventh hour…then sexytimes. Which is how it turned out. It’s the kind of thing I like to read when it’s cold outside and I need an excuse to spend an an hour or two under a blanket. I even managed to work up a little something to go with it and included that in the Rainbow Advent Calendar too if you missed it. I love Justin, and I really love how he is when he’s around Roman so it was a joy to write. I have promised myself I will only write one more of these, mostly as I think you all deserve to know why Tyler is the way he is. I may already have the cover picked out. Maybe. And you won’t have too long to wait for that. It’s only eleven months away after all!

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