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My Reads – February ’16

Okay, usually I have a thing here about not being a reviewer,
and buying from the publisher, yadda yadda
but…well, this month I only read one book so it doesn’t seem worth it.
In my defence, I did write a book during February
so I didn’t have much time/brain space to do much reading,
but the one book I did read was awesome.

Writing Faster FTWL. A. Witt…I’d like to say that I’m normally a notoriously slow writer…and yet I finished a novel in a month.
I’m not saying that reading this book magically gave me the ability to do that, but it sure as hell didn’t hurt any!
The thing I really liked about this book, apart from how fun it was to read, was that it didn’t dictate anything. It’s not a ‘how to’ template, it’s more designed to help you find your own optimal way of writing quickly. After reading this, I got to a point in my story where I was totally stuck and really felt like giving up, but using some of the advice from this book I implemented a few things that I would never have thought of, like writing out of sequence, not naming characters as I went, stuff like that, and it absolutely got me through.
The book isn’t long (but then Lori doesn’t repeat herself) but it has some rock-solid advice and techniques that are bound to help if you want to up your productivity…or at least, they certainly helped me. Five Super Speedy Stars…FTW : )

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