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My Reads – January ’17

Please bear in mind that I’m not a reviewer.
This is just a list of what I read and what I thought about it.
My personal opinions will undoubtedly differ from yours,
and they’re no reflection on the authors or their work, simply my own thoughts.
Links go to Amazon but books are available from multiple sources.
I try to buy direct from the publisher where I can.
Five Stars are given to those books that I wanted to start reading again the moment they ended.
Always happy to receive recommendations in the comments.

Mi Alma – Dale Cameron Lowry …one of the free reads I picked up at the Big Gay Fiction Giveaway. Short and sweet and sexy. Didn’t knock me out but there are some nice lines, warm backstory, likable characters and all well written. If you fancy a quickie, you won’t go wrong with this. 3.5

Half Broke: a Veterans Affairs Story – A.E. Wasp ….One of the free reads I picked up at the Big Gay Fiction Giveaway.
Upfront I’ll say that this is written in first-person-present, which I have a hard time reading, so my experience is probably influenced a little by that as I couldn’t immerse myself in the story. I liked this, though it didn’t wow me. It’s a quickie so there’s not much time to fall in love with the characters, especially as they had rich, interesting backstories and personalities that could easily have filled a full-length novel. The story itself is good. 3.5*

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