After an emotional visit to New York, Caleb and Thaddeus return to find a newcomer on the homestead. Samuel claims to know Caleb but the Alpha’s memories of wartime acquaintances are too hazy for him to be certain. At least, that’s what Caleb tells him.

All Samuel wants is a quiet, safe place to rest—something he hasn’t experienced for a long time. Finding the homestead of the man who saved his life as a child seems like a blessing, a change in his luck that’s too good to be true. That is until a quiet young man starts coming around.

Thaddeus’s world is far from uncomplicated. As a man, and as the heir to his father’s fortune, he knows he must leave the homestead; that his future lies elsewhere with responsibilities and duties he has no choice but to fulfill. But as he gets to know Samuel, the idea of a simpler life seems possible and he starts to question the future that was carved in stone.

As the Alphas struggle to deal with their family flying the nest and all that means, what starts out as a simple declaration of love ends in a tragedy. A tragedy that could mean the end of the Alphas’ Homestead for good.

When I have nowhere left to go, you will be my sanctuary.

The Alphas’ Homestead Series – Book Five


Novel – 53k+
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