Novel – Home Is Where You Are

When Caleb reluctantly welcomes Jacob into his cabin, and eventually his bed, it forces him to face up to the traumas he’s been running from; the shame that made him leave his pack behind, and the horrors of war he endured.

As the weeks pass, it seems that Jacob’s arrival might not be the coincidence it first appeared. Jacob has an agenda. One that involves Caleb. And if Caleb agrees to it – if he can let go of his past and his prejudices – it will change Caleb’s whole world. Maybe even for the better.

Without a mate – a family, a pack – a wolf has no home.

But what if home finds you?



The Alphas’ Homestead Series – Book One

Novel – 65k+
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BestsellerIcon100X100   rainbow-award-honorable-mention nominee newest
5stars RJ Scott

“So every so often I find a book that I really want to recommend to everyone. This is that book for me at the moment. A shifter book, but not, and you’ll see what I mean when you read it…” Read More…

5stars Evelise @ S.E.X. Reviews

“…Home is Where You Are was not necessarily a tale of sex and lust but a manifestations of sensuality and affection and of coming together for mutual satisfaction and love~ no matter what trying times confront you…” Read More…

5stars Lisa1269

“In turns heartwrenching and heartwarming, this book wrapped around me like slipping into a warm bath at the end of a long day…” Read More…

5stars Patricia Nelson

“Checklist for a truly awesome book:
Fresh and totally original twist on a known subject…check.
Plot that draws you in, and won’t let you go…check.
Solid three dimensional characters you can’t help either loving or hating…check.
Historical setting so real you almost feel you’re actualy there…check.
Seamless blending of the normal and paranormal world…check.
So good I HATED to put it down…check.
A story so absolutely great I can’t wait to read the next one…check.
A book you should run, not walk to one-click…check, check, check, check…..CHECK!” Read More…