Happiness has always slipped through Ephraim Fletcher’s grasp like water.
Every time he’s gotten close, events have risen up to shatter what little comfort he finds in the world.After the trauma preceding his brother’s departure from the homestead, his long-time lover lays close to death in the half-built house that should have been their happy-ever-after. As Ephraim nurses Joshua—doing everything he can to keep his mate from slipping away—he thinks back to their life over the last twenty years.From meeting the captivating sheriff’s son his first day in Lastford, to their final exchange before the accident, Joshua has been there for every high and every low in Ephraim’s life. And sitting at Joshua’s bedside, Ephraim doesn’t know if he’ll be able to go on without him.With all the trials and tribulations happening at the homestead over two decades, it was no wonder everyone missed the epic love story going on right under their noses until it might be too late.

I was always here, waiting for you to love me. What took you so long?


The Alphas’ Homestead Series – Book Six



Novel – 35k+
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