Rainbow Snippets – 27.01.18

If you’re new to Rainbow Snippets, it’s a Facebook group where authors of LGBTQ fiction post a six-sentence snippet of a WIP, a published story, or a recommendation, every weekend. You can see all the snippets here.

Today’s snippet…something from Home in your Heart – Alphas’ Homestead Book Four, which is currently being edited.

Here, Martha is having to deal with a teenage brother sticking his oar in over dinner.

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“Caleb frowned a little and he glanced over, first at Jacob, then his father. “Yes, of course, but since when has knowing your reasoning for anything been such a secret?”
“It’s true,” Thaddeus butted in through a mouthful of bread. “Normally, you hardly shut up about what you’re doing and why.”
If looks could kill Martha imagined Thaddeus would have been eviscerated. Or at least that’s how she felt as she looked across the table at him. Although, he only shrugged and took another bite of bread, rather than falling down dead in his soup.”

5 Responses to Rainbow Snippets – 27.01.18
  1. Debbie McGowan Reply

    LOL. That last line is awesome! 😀

  2. Addison Albright Reply

    A lot of us are lucky looks can’t actually kill! <3

  3. Kari Trenten Reply

    LOL, Thaddeus is made of sturdy material! 🙂

  4. Jackie Keswick Reply

    I often wonder why there aren’t more sibling murders…

  5. Jana Denardo Reply

    We’re lucky looks can’t kill.

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