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Sunday Check In – Week 32

Less of a week review than a random check-in as the last ten days have been a bit full and inevitably I lost my thread in terms of keeping a handle on my life.

Writing-wise, I haven’t quite finished the Xmas story yet but I’m close. I was slightly derailed mostly because of the art stuff I’m having to prep for later this week, but also because I beset with plot bunnies for yet another in the series *bangs head against desk* So, I hope you like this one coz you’ll be getting a third next year.

Also, there’s another story I’ve been working on that I thought was almost done but after some feedback, I realized I’m going to do something I’ve never done before…rewrite. I edit and I shuffle stuff around but this story has been giving me so much trouble, I’ve decided to actually slash and burn that *insert expletive here* to force it into submission. The gentle approach just isn’t going to cut it this time. Getting a handle on how exactly to do that has taken up a big bit of my brain space last week but I’m feeling hopeful that I can salvage it and make it something I’m proud of and that pleases you all.

For anyone following the Word Dragon’s progress…she’s doing fine. Better than fine yesterday. I’m hoping she’s turned a corner, though I’m not going to hold my breath. Yesterday morning, we went to the park and she was so bouncy, trying to (and sorta almost in a creaky way) bounding about with her schnauzer buddy and looking really well. I think the change in her meds is helping so it’ll be a trip to the vet soon to talk over how we want to go on. Her sudden perkiness does mean, of course, that she’s boooored and has no qualms about telling me either, which has been a bit of a time suck…but not a bad one to have.

This week, I shall mostly be…well, right now, clearing up the mess I made being that I worked through the weekend. I think there’s paint on pretty much everything and I have no clean cutlery at all. I have art stuff to pack up and labels to make ready to set up the exhibition from Wednesday. I want to get some editing done too,write a bit more of my Xmas story…maybe send out some ARCs for The Arrangement…who knows! All being well, I’ll be able to check in next Sunday and let you know.

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Hope everyone had a good week and that this one is epic too!

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