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Sunday Check-In – Week Three

Week Three is done and dusted! And it could have been a lot worse.
It’s been a bit of a weird one this week. I struggled a bit getting out of bed in the mornings, struggled to concentrate when I did. But I managed to get a bunch of stuff done anyway. Maybe not the things I’d hoped but I’ll take it.

Finally got a handle on the SSP (Super Secret Project) I’m working on. Didn’t get much writing down but at least I have an idea now, if not of where the story is going, then of how I want it to feel. If you haven’t noticed, I’m not a massive research person—knowing all there is about paper mills in the 19th century or the price of parking in NYC isn’t my primary concern—but I do like to make sure I get the ambiance of whatever I’m writing on the page. Realism isn’t my bag. I’m peddling feelings, I guess. So, as much as it might bother some writers to not know everything about the setting and characters before they start writing, I figure as long as I know how I want the story to feel, I’m heading in the right direction.

I also decided that the time was right to pick up 72 Seasons again. There was no way I could continue it last year but now, even though I have a lot to do, I really feel like getting back into it and posting again. Apart from anything else, I miss Ben and Cal something awful. I’m probably going to start putting chapters up again next month so if you want notifications for that, make sure you’re signed up to my newsletter.

I also had personal stuff wrapping up. I wrote a post on Facebook about it so I won’t regurgitate that here other than to say; found lump in November–saw doc–saw another doc–had tests–I’m fine–get your boobs felt up. It was one of those “something and nothing” situations that worked itself out. I do feel better now, if only because I feel a bit more certain about my schedule in the coming months. Having to work around illness and physical incapacity is no fun and quite frankly, we had enough of that with the Word Dragon last year. Glad it wasn’t my turn.

Today though, I’ve had a semi-day off at least. I read all morning, then went on a lovely (cold) walk in the sun with Lily to a park we haven’t been to in a while as it’s a bit further than our regularly scheduled park. The Word Dragon was very excited to go back there and was quite grumpy when I had to explain that we weren’t stopping so she couldn’t lie in the mud. Can’t wait for the summer so I can spend a few hours writing in the shade while she bakes herself in the sun like we used to.

Anyway. Onwards to Week Four. If you want to know if I finally get around to putting my book out this week (keep your digits crossed for me) you can sign up to the newsletter below! ‘Til next Sunday, Peeps xx


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