Less than 30k words – £20

30K to 50K words – £25

50K to 80K words – £30

80K to 100K words – £40

more than 100K words – £POA

No Frills Basic Package

  • Default settings/fonts
  • Up to 2 x images
  • No Custom Breaks or Headers
  • No Proof Reading                                          
  • ONE round of corrections (+ that one teeny tiny typo you spot after publishing).
  • 2-3 days to complete
  • Kindle/Apple/Nook/Kobo/Google/Generic ebook files (+ optional Print File)


  • Additional rounds of corrections – £5 per round
  • Extra images – £2 each
  • Custom Breaks – £10 (up to 20 breaks)
  • Custom Headers – £1 per header
  • Rush Job/within 24 hours  – £15
  • “I can’t decide on a style, whatever you choose will be fine.” – £15
  • Re-formatting to upgrade front/back matter, etc. – £5-10 (depending on extent of re-formatting)

— Payable via Paypal —

— if you would like multiple books/boxsets/series formatted at one time, I can offer a reduction —

What I need from you to get started…

  • An email/dm to confirm I have a timeslot to deliver your files when you need them.
  • Your proof-read MS in Word Doc/DocX form, including title, subtitle, and author name.

– Page breaks between chapters (or any separate pages like dedication or acknowledgements)

– No need for a title page or TOC. These are automatically generated.

– Include front matter and back matter.

– Chapter titles/numbers should be formatted as Header 1

– Breaks in the text should be indicated with *** (See Ornamental Breaks)

– Hyperlinks to your website, social media, etc.

  • Your ebook cover (1614 x 2560 px or larger).
  • Any images. (Jpeg)

!!!! – I won’t be proof reading anything. I will only format what you give me. I’ll edit formatting issues, not spelling or grammar even if it’s obvious – !!!!

(You need a pen and paper for this bit. Click on the links for examples)

And for your print book…

* Some styles don’t always have all the options shown available. I’ll let you know if that happens.

** If you want anything customized (fonts, ornamental breaks, headers, etc), just let me know and I can send you the specs although this may incur an additional charge. Not available if you want the 24hr service (…probably. You can ask but I can’t guarantee it.)

*** Alternatively, if you don’t want to spend time choosing any of that stuff and you want me to choose a style for you based on your blurb, I can…but it’ll incur an additional fee of £15 because I hate making decisions about anything enough that you literally have to pay me to do it.

How it should go…

  1. Drop me a message to see if I have a timeslot available to format your book and when you need the files.
  2. You send me all the files I need in an email or via google drive and let me know your style choices.
  3. I’ll format the book.
  4. I’ll send you a PDF of the book so you can see how it looks and check for any errors.
  5. You send me the list of corrections.
  6. I make one round of corrections. (Additional rounds incur a charge, so make sure you let me know everything that needs changing)
  7. You pay the balance and I upload the files to Google Drive for you to collect.
  8. Everyone is happy 🙂


email – contact@alexjane.info