Novel – Good Faith

Dethroned Irish mob prince Michael Flanagan has a death wish. Or rather he’s having impure thoughts about a rival mafioso’s sociopathic lover, which amounts to the same thing.

Drawn into one of his uncle’s schemes, Michael is horrified to find himself used as collateral — a hostage to the mafia family and a terrified houseguest of the mobster in question. But despite his ferocious reputation, Carmine Bartolo Jr seems happy enough when his sadistic partner, Ilya starts bedding Michael. Almost as happy as Michael himself.

But of course, nothing in Michael’s life is simple.

Dealing with his own complicated family situation — and that Carmine seems to have a sinister motive behind taking Michael under his wing — is bad enough. But Michael starts to fall, not only for Ilya and the dark passions they share, but also for Carmine, who might be even more of a monster when he’s not charming and considerate. And worse, the feelings seem to be mutual.

Maybe if they can figure out who’s trying to murder Carmine, they’ll eventually get their happily ever after.

And if the three of them have to kill a few people to get there…they’ll probably enjoy it.


This is a ‘Love…but darker’ Story. Trigger Warnings are available.

Novel – 66.5K words
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