My Reads – October ’15

Please bear in mind that I’m not a reviewer.
This is just a list of what I read and what I thought about it. My personal opinions will undoubtedly differ from yours, and they’re no reflection on the authors or their work, simply my own thoughts.
Five Stars are given to those books that I wanted to start reading again the moment they ended. Always happy to receive recommendations in the comments.


Cold Feet – Jay Northcote … A little Festive tale that I found to be sweet and gentle, with an ending that made my little heart swell. Really enjoyable read.

Passing Through – Jay Nothcote … This was brilliant. Loved the setting, the premise, the characters, the execution…this is just a brilliant story, masterfully told. It’s achingly sad in parts and joyful too in its own way. Enjoyed it so so much.

A Reason to Stay (Heroes Book 1) – RJ Scott … So it turns out RJ Scott’s series are a little itty bit addictive. I loved this. I did wanna slap one of the MCs pretty much every other chapter, but that was part of what made it so much fun. The story is seriously good and…well, everything about it is good.

Last Marine Standing (Heroes Book 2) – RJ Scott … I was eager to dive into this after the first instalment. It ended up being with some trepidation, as it had some triggering subject matter in there. However, it was handled in such a brilliant way that it didn’t distract me from the story at all. I loved this one possibly more than the first.

Guarding Morgan (Sanctuary Book 1) – RJ Scott
The Only Easy Day (Sanctuary Book 2) – RJ Scott
Face Value (Sanctuary Book 3) – RJ Scott
… I read these one after another so they feel very much like chapters to me. I love the story arc in this. Each book deals with a different couple involved in a really good intrigue. One thing I really like about these is the pacing. It makes the writing flow so well, it’s hard to find a reason to put the thing down, and that’s on top of the compelling story and the gorgeous sexytimes! Can’t wait to read the rest.

The Christmas Throwaway – RJ Scott … All the Festive Feels! I did really like this a lot. I would say normally the ethical issue of a cop considering banging a barely legal runaway would ping my conscience, but because of the way it’s written, she didn’t make it feel unseemly at all! Ultimately, it’s very sweet Christmas story about characters that I long to read more about.

Omega Heart – G.G. Géricault … Saw the blurb for this and I was like, “I’m in!” Wolf-shifter meets Bear-shifter when his heart is being cut out…and they’re mates!? Of course I was in! But even better than the crazy premise, the authors writing style was heavenly and I was so invested in the characters, and their struggle. I’m desperate for a follow up. Five Creature Stars.

My Alpha’s Ghost – G. G. Géricault … I read this off of the back of Omega Heart, despite it coming out first, and I think that affected my enjoyment of it in that I felt I was constantly comparing it to the other book. It felt a bit short, I didn’t feel as connected to the characters…but that’s me totally nitpicking…I did very much enjoy it. If there is more of this then I will definitely be reading.

Attracting Anthony – Amber Kell … This was a bit of a leap of faith for me and holy moly, I’m glad I took it. The world the author has created is just up my alley, and I cannot wait to read more!

The Dragon Groomer – Amber Kell … I saw this when I was browsing and was all “Dragons! \0/” I really did enjoy it. I loved the world building and the writing style. I was a little nervous about the love interest initially – he came across as a little bit stalkery – but actually given the slight D/s tone of the thing, I did warm to him. I really would like to read a follow up, given that slight pang in the feels when it ended.

Resonance – Lillian Francis … I nearly peed myself with excitement to get an advanced copy of this : ) I was pleasantly surprised to get so invested in the characters so quickly. I really like the combination of the sensual scenes and the ‘two worlds colliding’ thing, and I can’t wait to read more about them!

Ganymede Tilt – Becky Black … I don’t usually read sci-fi so I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this but what a read! Super, super story, really liked the characters, and the world building was so elegant, the fact they were in space felt completely natural. When I grow up I want to world-build like Becky Black.

Borrowing Trouble – Kade Boehme … Initially, I was a tad worried about this being a “gay for you” type thing, but actually it was nothing like that at all, and the whole thing was just wonderfully written and totally absorbing. Particularly, the way that Kade writes characters is so skilful, they feel very natural and real. I admit to having a little tear at the end.

Waiting for Snow – JC Wallace … Read this in the Christmas Delights anthology, put it down, and straight away stalked JC on Facebook so I could tell him how much I loved it. I really loved it. Did I mention I loved it? Five Angst-filled Stars.

Pink Lace and Stolen Hearts – JC Wallace … I really liked this. I love it when you read an author and there’s something about their dialogue or characters or the way they phrase a sentence that just resonates, and it’s right. This story isn’t long but it’s just exactly what I needed to read that day.

The Tutor – Bonnie Dee … Actually read this on Halloween night : ) It’s really, really enjoyable. Proper gothic fare with the kind of love story that just gets me in the feels every time. I never thought that I would ever be into historicals but, damnation, this was done well. So well, I can’t wait to read this again! And I’m totally hooked on this author now! Five Blood-chilling Stars, for sure

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