Novel – Home in your Heart

Coming – March 2017

Martha is returning to the homestead after five years away at school. But the excitement of her arrival is somewhat dampened by concerns weighing heavily on Caleb and Jacob’s minds. A new pack has been trying to buy up land close to town. They appear friendly enough but there’s something about them that raises both the Alphas hackles and suspicions. Their fears are doubled when one of the pack starts courting Martha, and the usually sensible girl starts to fall for the boy.

Trying to protect the town and the homestead will always come second to protecting his daughter, but Caleb is left struggling to manage all three when Martha makes it clear she doesn’t want his help or advice. And, of course, the surprise guest that Martha brought with her doesn’t help matters either.


Martha’s whole life has been an adventure of books and learning, and she imagined that it would always be that way. Until she meets Albert. Turning her head and, potentially her whole future upside down, she struggles with her feelings. But while her mind is reeling, there’s a constant presence waiting in the wings. Someone that will catch her if she falls. Someone that always has, and always will. If she’ll let him.

No matter how far you go, there will always be a home for you in my heart.


The Alphas’ Homestead Series – Book Four