Novel – The Devil Told You

Getting bundled into a car and held against his will was not exactly how Aiden had planned to spend his day. There’s a way out. His captors will let him live if he can perform an impossible task. Or at least one impossible for Aiden. Mistaken identity really sucks.

Aiden has one night to find an escape from captivity. But what finds its way into his derelict cell is a mysterious stranger who says he can help. For a price.

With little choice, Aiden pays up with the only thing he has to offer. Himself.
And when the impossible tasks keep coming, his only hope of survival is the nameless visitor and the increasingly violent payment he requires.

One way or another, Aiden’s going to get hurt before he can buy his freedom.
But there’s only one man who can make him want it.

Dub-con, sexual violence, and enough mobster movie references to require a trigger warning.




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Novel – 40k
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