Monthly Newsletter


Don’t let the “monthly” thing fool you. That makes me sound like I possess some kind of rudimentary organizational skills.

At best, the newsletter is monthly—no more often than that. Might be every other month, or once a quarter…more likely just whenever. I’m not going to beat myself up about a schedule when I practically storify my life and work on social media.

But for those who have better things to do than sit on Facebook, the newsletter simply gives an overview of any news and blogs posts I’ve made, or maybe just a piece of interesting news. I might slip in some nice reviews I’ve gotten, or some of the goals I’ve set myself or have achieved.

The main benefit of subscribing is that this is the first place I release any new covers, new blurbs and first looks at excerpts, and discount codes for new releases.

I also like to give stuff away, so there might be an opportunity for you to claim a “prize”. Might be a postcard, might be a signed book…might be free hugs! ♥ ♥

Anyway, you can check out some of the older newsletters below, so you can see what kind of rambling you’ll be getting. Or just add your email in the box at the bottom of any page and clickety the button.

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