Two men. Neither is exactly as they seem. It takes a year for both of them to realize who they really are and what they really want.

One year. 72 encounters. A work in progress

A story published over the course of a year inspired in part by the Japanese calendar based on nature’s microseasons.
You can find out more about the calendar here.
Chapters will vary in length and be unedited.
I’ll add links to this post as they happen.

1 – east wind melts the ice
2 – the nightingale sings
3 – fish emerge from the ice
4 – rain moistens the soil
5 – mist starts to linger
6 – grass sprouts, trees bud
7 – hibernating insects surface
8 – first peach blossoms
9 – caterpillars become butterflies
10 – sparrows start to nest
First cherry blossoms
Distant thunder
Swallows return
Wild geese fly north
First rainbows
First reeds sprout
Last frost, rice seedlings grow
Peonies bloom
Frogs start singing
Worms surface
Bamboo shoots sprout
Silkworms start feasting on mulberry leaves
Safflowers bloom
Wheat ripens and is harvested
Praying mantises hatch
Rotten grass becomes fireflies
Plums turn yellow
Self-heal withers
Irises bloom
Crow-dipper sprouts
Warm winds blow
First lotus blossoms
Hawks learn to fly
Paulownia trees produce seeds
Earth is damp, air is humid
Great rains sometimes fall
Cool winds blow
Evening cicadas sing
Thick fog descends
Cotton flowers bloom
Heat starts to die down
Rice ripens
Dew glistens white on grass
Wagtails sing
Swallows leave
Thunder ceases
Insects hole up underground
Farmers drain fields
Wild geese return
Chrysanthemums bloom
Crickets chirp around the door
First frost
Light rains sometimes fall
Maple leaves and ivy turn yellow
Camellias bloom
Land starts to freeze
Daffodils bloom
Rainbows hide
North wind blows the leaves from the trees
Tachibana citrus tree leaves start to turn yellow
Cold sets in, winter begins
Bears start hibernating in their dens
Salmons gather and swim upstream
Self-heal sprouts
Deer shed antlers
Wheat sprouts under snow
Parsley flourishes
Springs thaw
Pheasants start to call
Butterburs bud
Ice thickens on streams
Hens start laying eggs

Image courtesy of Aaron Burden via Unsplash