End of Year Review 2019 #4

As much as I was hoping for another long, hot summer like we’d had in 2018, it wasn’t to be this year and though the weather was okay through the bulk of the summer, I was still wearing a sweater when I would have much preferred to be in shorts. But even when the weather was good, the Word Dragon and I were still pretty much house bound. Gradually, we started to be able to take longer walks and venture further. We managed to travel to Andover for one of the meet ups, where she was spoiled rotten by everyone who was relieved to see her still with us. We popped up to London, not to attended the meet up as we’d planned but just to have a quick breakfast with a couple of people before they headed to the main event. I took part in an annual art exhibition of which I’m an organizer and we had a fine few days hammering nails into walls and eating chips in the local pub. And I got some writing done too. Quite a lot actually. Things…felt good.

One of the best things was getting The Arrangement written and out into the world. I’d been planning this book for ages. Since before The Alphas’ Homestead was even conceived. But the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like the story fit perfectly into the Homestead universe and held off on writing it so I could shoehorn it in somewhere. And while it might have been a strange choice for the first Homestead Legacy book—not being set on the homestead at all, and only having a fleeting glimpse of one the original family—it felt right that it should be the opening story. It said everything I wanted it to about how the Legacy collection will go.
Oh and I loved it. Loved writing it. Loved Emmanuel and Nathaniel. Loved the way they came to love each other. It was probably the story that has traveled from my brain to the page the easiest. I didn’t have to fight (much) and could have quite happily gone on and on with the story. Except it would have had much of a plot, just them living their happy ever after until my fingers withered and dropped off. I’m always nervous pressing that button on publishing day, but this one really got to me. I want you all to love it as much as I did, you see. Luckily for me, it kinda worked out that way.

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