News – As One Door Closes…


So, the end-of-December deadline for Black Bird has been scrapped for reasons beyond my control, and I have to say that after the initial discomfort of having to change my plans, I’m glad the pressure is off and I can now spend some quality time with the boys instead of having to rush it.

It does also mean that I now have the opportunity to write other things, which is pretty damn exciting.

I have some wips that I should really pay some attention to.

My student/lecturer thing needs updating, although that’s really a case of sitting down with a few hours in front of me and typing. The joy of freeform.

My Werewolf thing, on the other hand, is stumping me a little. The next chapter has to bridge between two plot points, and right now I have no idea how to do that. I need to figure out what’s going on with those guys before I should even contemplate writing anything…but before the subscribers eat me alive : /

In addition to those puppies, I saw this thing on Facebook, and though I don’t have an idea right now, the plot bunnies are restless, so we know how that goes.

And, I really enjoyed writing the little short for Halloween, so was hoping to get some time to write something for the Festive Season…which I will now have time to do! Too!

So, that’s the state I’m in.

If you have any thoughts or prompts of what I should be doing with my writing time, do let me know.

Also, let me know if you have any tips about choosing what to write next. Do you flip a coin? Interpret the viscera of sacrificial plot bunnies? Or line ideas up, spin three times with your eyes closed, and write which ever one you stick a pin in?

Actually, I like the idea of that last one…hmmmm

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