Sunday Check-In – Week Two

Whoop! Almost halfway through January already and I can practically smell that summer’s on its way. Okay, that’s a lie—it’s cold and meh here—but a girl can dream.

Week Two hasn’t felt as much like getting back on the saddle work-wise as one would hope, mostly as I had a ton of social stuff on. In a way was still the festive season as, apart from the birthday shenanigans that was on Monday, I was away for a few days in Eastbourne closing up the Christmas traditions with lunch at The Marine pub which has the best Christmas decorations this side of Vegas. It’s amazing. The picture won’t ever do it justice but trust me, it’s a tinsel grotto right out of my dreams and I love it. The food is pretty good too and the company was excellent but my eyes were on the ceiling (the entirety of which is dripping with decs through the whole of the not-exactly-small ground floor. Brilliant. The Word Dragon had a fab time too, not just coz of the chips (fries) coming her way under the table at lunch but also as we’d stayed with friend who happily buys her her own snacks (prawn cocktail shells aka Skips) and has a special blanket and a spot on the sofa just for dogs. It was nice to have a mini vacation and be home in time for Thursday. I shall probably not see a soul now until at least March…which sounds awesome tbh #introvert

On the work front…well, my house is super clean. Like ‘cleaned under the cooker’ clean. I started a new thing, but after writing 1k. I realized it wasn’t going to work out the way I wanted so I spent the rest of the week vacuuming and trying to get a handle on the characters. I think I’m there, just about, so we’ll try again tomorrow. I’ve also been tweaking The Legacy…which is out in two weeks (omg) as I’m not 100% happy yet but that definitely needs to stop. Tomorrow. Maybe. I also got the Mr & Mr Detective novella back from the editor. It needs some work so I’m not sure when that’s going to be ready. My next deadline is the beginning of March so I’ll decide after that.

Speaking of next week…my plan is to stop pretending I really need to dust every individual book on my shelves and get some words down, as well as write a goddamn blurb for The Legacy and start prepping the e-book. I also need to get back in my Facebook groups before they send out a search party and I have an appointment on that I’m hoping I don’t lose a day to. Oh and I should read a book. Two weeks in and I’m already 4 books behind my target. I did read 23 fanfics and I’m part way through five others though, so it’s not as if I’m not doing my bit.

Anyway. Hope you had a good week and that you get more of the same going into Week Three! ‘Til next Sunday, Peeps xx


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