Rainbow Snippets – 02.03.19


If you’re new to Rainbow Snippets, it’s a Facebook group where authors of LGBTQ fiction post a six-sentence snippet (or there abouts) from a WIP, a published story, or a recommendation, every weekend. You can see all the snippets here.

This week… a little something from the final Alphas’ Homestead book coming on Friday which tells Ephraim’s story, from when he arrives in Lastford to the conclusion of the series. This snippet takes place during the events of Longing for Shelter when the boys are 16 and 17.


Joshua swallowed heavily. “You’re not mad? I thought maybe you’d knock me on my ass.”
“For kissing me?”
Joshua shrugged. “For kissing and—and—” He looked worried enough that Ephraim shook him by the shoulder. Joshua took a deep, shaky breath. “Other stuff. I want—I’ve wanted—lately, I’ve been thinking…oh God.” He covered his face with his hands for a second before looking Ephraim in the eye. “Do you think you could ever love me as Caleb loves Jacob? Is that something—is that something you might ever want?”


Look out for the presale going up Monday!
Catch up with the whole series via the series page

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